4 spd vs 6spd manual transmission

Sep 01, 2010 thus i am comparing apples to apples, the advantage to the 6spd truck is the ability to run 3. 42s and have a much stronger final drive ratio than a 4spd truck with even 4. 10 gears. you would need 4. 56s in a 4spd truck to match the final drive ratio of 1st gear. and then, when cruising on the highway you have 3. 42s instead of 4. 10s or 4. 56s in OD. Oct 31, 2011 6Speed Manual VS.

5Speed Automatic on the V6 I'd like to get some feedback from both sides, 6Speed manual and 5Speed automatic owners for the V6 Taco. I'm a manual transmission guy and all my cars have been manual. May 23, 2016 What's Faster an Automatic or Manual Hellcat? Watch This Drag Race to Find Out Duration: 7: 49. The Fast Lane Car 1, 814, 914 views The 6 speed are newer and more fuel efficient. Like the difference between a 4 or 5 speed manual. The revs are able to sit at an optimal level for performancefuel efficiency.

The most obvious difference between a 5speed and a 6speed manual transmission is the number of speeds: A 5speed has five different gears and a 6speed has six.

Common 5speeds Until very recently, most consumer automobiles massproduced with manual transmissions tended to This depends on the gear ratios, usually ratios 14 of a 5 speed transmission are the same as a 4 speed transmission, the 5th speed is an extra overdrive speed.

This gives you a much quieter, easier on the engine, better fuel economy, high speed, cruise. Does having 6 speeds really make that much of a difference. I sometimes wonder because my car (2006 Honda Civic) is only a 5 speed manual. Most newer cars now seem to be 6 speed manuals but I think that for most older cars like mine, 5 speed is common. The Latest Gear Counts.

The latest craze amongst manufacturers is the eightspeed automatic transmission. BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Porsche currently offer octogeared automatic transmissions Apr 18, 2016  6 speeds means 6 forward gear ratios (although there are many more actual, physical" gears" inside the transmission) Automatic means the transmission shifts itself based on speed, load, throttle position, etc. Shiftable means there is a provision for the driver to Oct 15, 2011 6 speed manual vs.

4 speed auto. i have always owned manual transmission vehicals my entire life until i bought my jk unlimited. i can honestly say that yes a manual trans give the driver more control over the vehical. it alows you to get better gas milleage, A conventional 5speed manual transmission is often the standard equipment in a basemodel vehicle, while more expensive manual vehicles are usually equipped with a 6speed transmission instead; other options include automatic transmissions such as a traditional automatic Jul 19, 2013 4 speed vs 6 speed Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by andrews, Jul 17, 2013.

Page 1 of The 545rfe is a strong transmission, but the 5 speed does ALOT of hunting on hilly terrain. Then again the standard output 4. 7 is a revver and kinda light on umph at 235hp295tq. mpg on the highway personally I would go 2 valve with mods