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The Geonics EM61MK2 and EM61 Operational Procedures Em61 mk2 manual meat Quality Control Recommendations Geophysical Investigations with the Geonics EM61MK2 and EM61 Operational Procedures and Quality Control Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS Page STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES SOP: : 2057 PAGE: 1 of 6 REV: 0. 0 7. 3 EM61MK2 Console Settings 7. 4 Survey Layout 7. 5 Survey Line Spacing increment is 20 cm or 0.

64foot for the wheel equipped with the EM61MK2. In the Manual Mode, a reading will only be taken when the manual trigger is pressed. For EM61 HIGHSENSITIVITY METAL DETECTOR (BY GEONICS INC. ) The EM61 represents a breakthrough in instruments designed to find buried metallic targets, such as underground storagetanks and drums. Based on the most popular electromagnetic method used for mineral a midrange time gate at the same position as the standard EM61 for comparison with, and continuation of standard EM61 data sets computerbased digital recorder with realtime graphic display of data for review and quality control; Electromagnetic Geonics EM61 MK2 A Geonics EM61 MK IIA Metal Detector.

Item#. The newest version of the Geonics EM61, the The EM61, one of the newest instruments from GEONICS, is a timedomain metal detector, available for rent at EES today! Geonics EM61 Mark II, EM61 MK2, EM61 Rental, EM61 Metal Detector Have a Question?

Geonics EM61MK2 Metal Detector, leading tool for buried metal detection, UXO and other military high resolution investigations. The EM61MK2, an enhanced version of the patented EM61, is a time domain metal detector which detects both ferrous and nonferrous objects with excellent spatial resolution.

Target response is a single, sharply defined peak, facilitating quick and accurate location. Manuscript approved September 4, 2008 1 EM61MK2 RESPONSE OF STANDARD MUNITIONS ITEMS INTRODUCTION The EM61MK2 Electromagnetic Induction sensor (Geonics Limited, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) The program allows the user to set the EM61MK2 into a specific instrument mode of operation: AUTO, Wheel, or Manual modes.

In AUTO mode readings can be automatically recorded in desired associated cable to connect the Polycorder to the Geonics EM61MK2 instrument. The program EM61MK2A is designed for the Allegro field computer, although, if necessary it can be used with In WHEEL mode readings are triggered by a counter installed at the EM61MK2 wheel assembly, and in MANUAL mode readings are triggered manually Procedures and Quality Control Manual.

( download: 1761k PDF file ) Geophysical Investigations with EM61MK2& EM61 Operational Procedures and Quality Control EM61MK2 output, data quality, current instrument settings, as well as GPS signal quality parameters and Wheel, or Manual) Maximum rate of data acquisition is 16 Hz (assuming 1 Hz GPS output) New Line, New Station, Comment entry Change of scale in Navigation and Profile modes at any time GPS functions: