Elia phadia 250 manual

n Time for the essentials Phadia 250 is a highly automated system for autoimmunity (EliA) and allergy (ImmunoCAP) testing. Designed to assist Elia phadia 250 manual workflow by reducing handson time, it processes samples from test request to final result with minimal inter Phadia 100 and Phadia 250. EliA APS Positive Control is intended for laboratory use in monitoring the performance of in vitro measurement of antibodies to cardiolipin and b2glycoprotein I Phadia 250 is a midsize instrument intended for midsized laboratories, running up to 400 testsday.

Phadia 250 Intended Use Phadia 250 is a fully automated instrument including software to be used together with dedicated in vitro diagnostic tests and the software Phadia Information Data Manager (IDM). operators are required to attend training in operating the software. Principal Functionality Phadia Information Data Manager (IDM) is a PC EKCAL manual TMassay; and the Phadia 250 system would be used with the EliA Calprotectin assay (automated).

The DSX TM system can process up to four 96well plates simultaneously. 7 The EliA M2 uses the EliA IgG method on the instrument Phadia 250. EliA M2 Positive Control 100 is intended for laboratory use in monitoring the performance of in vitro measurement of M2 antibodies with Phadia 100 using the EliA Phadia 250 delivers the first result within 100 minutes from the start time and then processes 60 tests per hour.

The instrument is ideal for labs performing up to 350 to 400 tests per day and approximately 2, 000 tests per week. analytical results from samples of the same specimen as Phadia 250, Phadia 1000, Phadia 2500 and Phadia 5000 within stated tolerance limits. For the measurement of the antibodies Phadia 100 can process ImmunoCAP or EliA Wells. All procedures for EliA Wells should be performed as described for Phadia 100 User Manual Instrument PHADIA 250.

High productivity, automation and cost effectiveness: Throughput: 60 tests per hour; ImmunoCAP Allergy and EliA Autoimmune tests in one run Phadia Laboratory systems is a tailormade platform specifically designed for ImmunoCAP allergy and EliA autoimmunity diagnostic tests giving excellent clinical value. Phadia 250 Designed for antibody measurements generating clinically relevant allergy and autoimmunity test results. Phadia 250 is designed for allergy and autoimmunity testing and delivery of clinical relevant test results supporting the clinicians in patient management.

An allergen panel detecting sensitization to 650 allergens and 90 allergen components on the instruments Phadia 100 and Phadia 250. EliA Gliadin DP IgG is intended for the in vitro semiquantitative measurement of IgG antibodies directed to gliadin