Cameron balloons maintenance manual

Maintenance Manual available on the BBAC Website from, FM to follow but currently from Cameron Balloons on request. SUMMARY OF SOURCES CAA GINFO definitive information on all the UK registered aircraft. pdf document includes all appendices (note: reuploaded on to include missing svc bulletin 9) ICA Manual Issue 3 Revision G: 26 MB Further full hotair balloon controlline information and exact details can be found following the link below Section Control Lines General, in the Cameron Balloons Maintenance Manual.

Page ii MAINTENANCE ISSUE 10 Approval MANUAL HOT AIR BALLOON MAINTENANCE MANUAL CAMERON BALLOONS LTD St. Johns Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4NH UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 44(0) Fax: 44(0) Cameron balloons maintenance manual Cameron Balloons provides unparalleled support and service, assisting and helping balloonists worldwide.

Bespoke hotair balloon equipment instructions, service information and real answers from the experts behind the worlds' most popular brand of hotair balloons Cameron is the World's favorite brand of hot air balloon. Whether for recreational fun, competition, advertising, passenger ride operations, or specialshape balloons, Cameron knows more about ballooning and how to use balloons for sport, marketing, advertising, and commercial purposes than anyone in the industry.

LINDSTRAND BALLOONS MAINTENANCE MANUAL For use with all Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons CAMERON BALLOONS LTD St. Johns Street, Bedminster Bristol BS3 4NH PILOT OWNER MAINTENANCE See Section 1. 5 Cameron Balloons Limited Hot Air Balloon Maintenance Manual Issue 10 Amendment 4 or later approved revision.

This manual provides the maintenance instructions and inspection schedule for all types and variants detailed in EASA. BA. 012 and EASA. BA. 013 as required by EASA Certification Specification CS31HB, Amendment 1, paragraph CS31HB. 82. initial certification as shown above, any subsequent revisions to this manual shall either be directly approved by EASA or be approved under the authority of Cameron Balloons Limited, DOA No.

EASA 21J. 140. European Aviation Safety Agency EASA TYPECERTIFICATE DATA SHEET Cameron Balloons Flight Manual and SupplementsIssue 9 or later approved EASA revision. 2. Cameron Balloons Maintenance Manual and SupplementsIssue 9 or later approved EASA revision. 3. Operation and Service Instructions specific to aircraft Note 3 maintenance and Inspection of both Type Certificates specifies the proper maintenance manual with which you MUST comply.

If you are flying a British or other registered balloon (not covered by B2EU or B3EU) the Cameron Balloons Ltd Maintenance Manual and the 25 year life limits still apply. Maintenance Manual Revision 2. 2 March 2014. 2. 2 Maintenance Manual. 2. 2 MM Revised pages Only. Inspection Checklist 2. 2 (Appendix A)