Mustang 5.0 automatic vs manual car

Full review with performance data Mustang 5.0 automatic vs manual car the new Ford Mustang with an automatic transmission. Read the review and see photos of the 2015 Mustang GT at Car and Driver. " GT" fits this car perfectly. Jun 04, 2008 TFI Manual vs Automatic. Thread starter 66sprint6; Start date Jun 2 and the only ones available at AutoZone, Oreillys and Advanced are for Automatic trans and my car is a manualwhat the heck!

! ! Will an auto work? I just wanna see if thats the problem or notoh, its on a 90LX 5. 0 with a manual. Any ideas? Matt. Sponsors.

oldschool88vert While the Ford Mustang GT uses a 5. 0 liter, naturallyaspirated V8 that makes 410 hp and 391 lbft of torque. With its sixspeed manual, What Car? recorded a 5. 0 second 060 mph time. Thats a Nov 20, 2011 I bought a manual 2011 last year. It was a job 1 car and had all sorts of clutch issues.

When it worked it worked great. Unfortunately I ended up getting fed up with its issues and recently traded for an auto car. The Mustang, for its part, sustains the styling of the secondgeneration car, with detail concessions to contemporary trends. As a footnote, both the Camaro and Mustang will receive a number of Nowadays, automatic transmissions are commonly found in most vehicles, even many sports and muscle cars like the Mustang.

This is probably due to most daily drivers are multi tasking while driving or are simply looking for an easier, hasslefree commute. Mustang Transmissions: Automatic vs Manual. Whether its a weekend cruiser and easy daily driving that youre after, or an allaround driver's car that is a blast to drive on the twisties, there really isnt a right answer when it comes to choosing the right transmission for your Mustang.

In drag strip and track modes the automatic version of the car becomes the perfect counterpoint to the physical, analogue challenge of launching the manual version of the car off the line. How do you decide between an automatic Mustang GT or a manual? Update Cancel. ad by My Clean PC. If you want to enjoy driving and in addition if you want to have a special bonding with your car you want to go with the manual transmissions. Can I switch my manual transmission to automatic in a 2011 Mustang 5.

0? On paper, the Mustang with the automatic transmission is slightly more frugal than the manual, eking out an extra mile per gallon in city and combined driving (16 City25 Hwy19 Combined for the 2018 Ford Mustang GT Runs 11s in the QuarterMile. With 25 more horsepower and a new 10speed automatic, the new Mustang GT does 060 in under four seconds. Both the PP1 and PP2 are powered by the venerable 5.

0liter V8 making 460 horsepower. the automatic is too leisurely for a sports car, like the Mustang somehow got the Taurus' transmission