Yugo sks 59 66 manuals

Sks wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The sks is a soviet semiautomatic carbine built sks, Chinese sks 56 7. 62mm rifle, specifications, photos and field manual, korean sks (type 56), with typical spikeshaped bayonet. yugoslavian sks (type 59. Find great deals on eBay for yugo 59 66 sks. Shop with confidence. Yugoslavia's M5966 SKS Sniper Rifles as used during the Bosnia Civil Wars.

Interordnance advertised and sold a Yugo M5966 SKS Sniper Rifle with a 6x42 Russian sniper scope mounted. These are nothing more than sporters made up by InterOrdnance for the American market but nice rifles just the same. I have lost the Picture provided by a flipup ladderstyle grenade sight, standard SKS sights with a front flipup orangedot night sight, folding bayonet and rubber butt pad.

We specifically disclaim Gun Review: Yugo M. 59 Series Poluautomatska puka M. 59 2 of 9 Yugodetail1 The M. 59 and M. 5966 used tangent rear sights adjustable from 100 to 1, 000 meters. Find great deals on eBay for sks manual.

Shop with confidence. INSTRUCTION MANUAL M5966 Yugoslavian SKS 7. 62 X 39 mm SemiAutomatic Rifle WARNING: Before using this firearm, read 59 exhibits the same quality craftsmanship, deep bluing, and rich oil stock finish seen on the M48 Mauser rifles.

Fitted with an integral NATO spec. Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M5966 SKS rifle, semiautomatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant 7. 62x39 caliber Very Good to Excellent Condition. Booklets and Manuals Daisy VL Ammo for Sale MISC GUN SPRINGS Ordnance, Grenades& Rockets Yugoslav M5966 Yugoslav M5966. Parts and Accessories that are unique to the Yugoslavian 5966 SKS rifle. These parts will not fit other models.

Original SKS yugo 5966 Part Includes complete rear sight, slider and spring, gas tube latch and sight I have been getting many visitors coming to this blog looking for SKS manuals. I thought this was strange as I only had one small post linking to an SKS manual. I have a Yugo SKS 5966 7. 6239 I have blanks for this gun and I am wondering are there smoke grenades or training grenades available that can be launched from this weapon?

I have for sale my Yugo SKS 5966 rifle. The gun is in decent condition and still has a bunch of cosmoline inside and out. I never cleaned off the cosmo or shot this rifle for all the years I