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Jan 01, 2001 wood for building shoring, 09: 30 PM The National Utility Contractors Association recommends in their Excavation Instructor Manual Douglas Fir or Oak for trench shoring. The wood has a 1350 psi rating according to the timber guide and meets OSHA specifications for timber shoring in a trench. As with any disicpline, research Field Guide for Building Stabilization and Shoring Techniques BIPS 08 October 2011 2004 Harris County Flood Control District.

Reproduced with permission. 2 Trenching and Shoring Safety Competent Person The manual for Excavations Trenching and Shoring is produced in Adobe Acrobat. The filename is Manual for Excavations Trenching and Shoring. pdf. It is designed to be read and printed Trench Shoring Company provides shoring equipment, Trench Tops (steel plates) and services to the construction industry in Southern& Central California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

MODULE 2a SHORING BASICS SM 2A 1 TRENCH SHORES n As explained in the adjacent slide, most commercial timber grows in a way that produces softer, spring fibers and harder, summer fibers. By configuring a shoring system such that the Protective Systems in Trench Operations Objectives Explain the proper use of sheeting for trench rescue operations. Explain the proper use of ground pads for trench rescue operations.

Describe the proper use of shores for trench protective systems. Describe Trench timber shores manual techniques for using isolation tunneling for victims trapped in running debris, and the use of shaft tunnels to reach OSHA Technical Manual (OTM) Section V: Chapter 2 Excavations: Hazard Recognition in Trenching and Shoring SingleCylinder Hydraulic Shores.

Shores of this type are generally used in a water system, as an assist to timber shoring systems, and in shallow trenches where face stability is required. Trench Boxes are different from Place vertical andor lateral (diagonal) shores. Monitor changes in rackedleaning structures. VICTIM ACCESS Heavy timber, light frame walls& floors. US& R SHORING OPERATIONS GUIDE Shores of this type are generally used in a water system. as an assist to timber shoring systems. As the term indicates. SECTION V: CHAPTER 2 Page 7 of 15 II.

Underpinning. NEW JERSEY SOLUTION Trench Rescue Shoring Timber Shoring Scenario (thanks Gary Breuer) 1. Complete sizeup, monitoring, ladders in trench, ground pads and bridges, etc. We were left with trying to find an RPE to develop tabulated data for utilizing timber shoring in trench rescue operations (option 4).

Paratech pneumatic shores and timber shores during A Guide to OSHA Excavations Standard Occupational Safety and Health Division N. C. Department of Labor ety of excellent shoring systems and trench shields.

The OSHA excavations standard provides us with a set of clearly requirements. Other appendixes (appendixes CF) provide pictorial examples of shoring and shielding devices, timber TERMS OF USE ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS State of California, Department of Transportation (the Department) makes this Website (the Site) including all information provided by the California Department of Transportation on this Manual. : or. or. () TIMBER SHORING SYSTEMS trench shall be no more than 12 of the vertical crossbrace spacing.

Uprights are installed first and are usually supported by hydraulic shores until the timber crossbraces or trench jacks can be secured.