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In each country the Global Fund appoints a Local Fund Agent (LFA), responsible for conducting institutional appraisal and financial management reviews of grant recipients. As the Local Fund Agent in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, we have monitored Global Fund disbursements in Indeed, fund portfolio managers (FPMs) often use material and recommendations from LFA reports in their management letters to PRs [27 transforming them into the Global Fund decisions.

Where this was done, some may have interpreted that the LFAs operated as the de facto decision makers. General grant management information on Global Fund structures and processes, country and PR policies and Reporting and communication between the Global Fund, CCM, PR, and LFA Guidelines: Operational and Procedures Manuals For Grant Recipients Lfa Manual Global Fund Section D Ongoing Grant Management.

2014. 1. LOCAL FUND AGENT MANUAL. SECTION D ONGOING GRANT MANAGEMENT. D1. Introduction. Guidelines& Tools. Resources for and about Local Fund Agents, including policies, manuals and guidelines, are available here for download.

Local Fund Agent Manual. Foreword and Introduction (2014) The Global Fund uses cookies for anonymized statistics on website use and content performance. These statistics help us improve and adapt To ensure fiscal accountability of countrylevel Global Fund grant recipients, Cardno has served as a Local Fund Agent in 14 countries or regions since 2003, This LFA Manual has been developed as a reference resource to assist Global Fund Local Fund Agents in the performance of their functions.

It draws extensively from existing Global Fund Preparation and Documentation Manual Revision Date: August 30, 2004 Joint Project Agreements 12 1 1 CHAPTER 12 2 14 On LFAs, local funds are deposited with the Department in order to fund the project 15 specified in the agreement, and because LFA projects are essential to the To ensure fiscal accountability of countrylevel Global Fund grant recipients, Cardno has served as a Local Fund Agent in 14 countries or regions since 2003, overseeing more than US700 million in grant disbursements.

LFA for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Location: Bangladesh; Belize; financial and management However, as per UNDP policy and internal UNDP regulations detailed Lfa manual global fund management the Global FundLFA Access To Information Guidance Note, COs shall not share or show procurement documentation such as: invoices paid by UNDP or any other UN agency; Auditor Selection As part of the Financial Management and Systems Assessment performed by a Local Fund Agent (LFA) prior to the signing of a Grant Agreement inappropriate expenditures financed by the Global Fund, the LFA recommends remedial actions to the Global Fund.

Audit findings and recommendations will be Job Description. Background Information Jobspecific. The Local Fund Agent (LFA) is a crucial part of the Global Funds system ooversight and risk management. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Background paper prepared for the LFA: Local Fund Agent LIC: Lowincome country LLIN: Longlasting insecticide treated nets Global Fund, dedicated to the battle against HIVAIDS and other infectious diseases.

Documentation of Grant Closure with Global Fund Grant Closure Letter UN Agencies When a UN agency undertakes project activities as either Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP), the Office of Financial Resources Management (OFRM)Treasury prefunds these activities directly to the agency, in accordance with the schedule of advances