Rudolph autoel ellipsometer manual

Manufacturer, Supplier of Laboratory Polarimeters, Refractometers, Density Meters, Saccharimeters, Samplers, Accessories by Rudolph Research Analytical Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer; Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer. Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer. General Information. Operators Manual. SOP. College of Engineering and Applied Science 2901 Woodside Drive, Cincinnati OH Undergraduate: The Rudolph Research AutoELIII Condensed Operating Instructions: The Rudolph Ellipsometer AutoELIII (single wavelength 6328) allows measurement of the thickness and refractive index of one or two thin transparent films on a substrate.

The AutoEL III is designed to provide precision film thickness measurements with simplicity of use. This is a Rudolph Research Auto EL III 24A Ellipsometer. Manufacturer Specifications: 6 inch diameter stage Maximum wafer size 150mm Measuring time: 17 50 seconds Jun 04, 2014 Bid Service, LLC Video Demo\Product Inspection View 720p HD Rudolph Auto EL III Ellipsometer# Bid Service, LL Rudolph AutoEL II Ellipsometer consisting of: Rudolph AutoEL II Main System Sample stage with vertical and tilt adjustments Autocollimator with microspot o Nov 15, 2012  Auto EL III ellipsometer Simplified Manual Rudolph AutoEL III Ellipsometer 1.

Powering on. minimum operating accuracy requires laser to be on for 30 min. before use. it is recommended that the AutoEL The Rudolph Ellipsometer is a version of the AutoEL II Automatic Ellipsometer (Model A9822). It is capable of performing ellipsometric measurements at three wavelengths: 405, 633, and 830 nm. Rudolph AutoEL III Ellipsometer consisting of: Rudolph AutoEL III Main System Model: 2.

4a (as seen Rudolph autoel ellipsometer manual serial plate) Sample stage with vertical and tilt ad Entrepix provides Rudolph AutoEL III Ellipsometer refurbished& used semiconductor equipment, spare parts and services RIT Title: Rudolf Ellipsometer AutoEL IV Semiconductor& Microsystems The purpose of this document is to detail the use of the Rudolph Ellipsometer Auto EL IV.

All Included in this manual is a listing of the available programs and patterns. There are patterns that will measure Equipment: Rudolph Research Auto EL IV Ellipsometer Manufacturer: Rudolph Description: The AutoEl IV has automatic 3 wavelength operation and a scanning stage.

Multiple wavelength operation gives this instrument more flexibility for meauring multiple film stacks.