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Buy Manual Patient Lifts online. Choose from a wide manual patient lift selection, including Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifts, slings and other patient lifting equipment.

Buy Hoyer manual hydraulic patient lifts. Free shipping, expert advice, discount price. Manual Lifts. Patient Lift Buying Guide. Manual hydraulic Hoyer Lifts are basic kind of lifts. Features include a hydraulic cylinder and a hand pump. Hoyer Classic Hydraulic Manual Patient Lift Model: CHLA Manufacturer: Hoyer. INCLUDES FREE Reflecting Hoyer's reputation for reliability, the CHLA2 features a traditional chrome finish that upholds lifter appearance in rental fleets and a 6point cradle that ac Overview of the Classic Hoyer Lift The Hoyer CHLA is a durable patient lift from a company with a 50year history of dependable patient transfers.

It features a longlasting chrome finish and a 400 lb. weight capacity. Hoyer Classics Hydraulic Chrome Lifts. Choose any of our quality chrome classics: Model: CHLA2, CHLA2T, CCBL2, CHLA. Innovative 6point cradle works with an array of Hoyer slings, including 2, 4, and 6point slings model: CHLA The Classic Hoyer Lift is an economical homecare patient lift with a 400lb weight capacity.

The narrow 24" leg width makes getting into tight spots easier than competing Patient Lifts. Hoyer 6Point Chrome Hydraulic Patient Lift (CHLA2)990.

00 Hoyer Lift Padded USling w Head Support235. 00: Add Bundle To Cart Hoyer 6Point Chrome Hydraulic Patient Lift Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifters HML400, CHLA, CHLA2 User Instruction Manual& Warranty. Introduction IM 2 Table of Contents 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS DO NOT attempt to lift someone with a faulty hydraulic pump.

Do not wash slings with bleach. Bleach will damage material. Classic Hoyer Lift CHLA by Hoyer Advance Portable Patient Lift Hydraulic 1, 399. 00.

Invacare Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift 4. 2 out of 5 stars 80. Hoyer Classics Product Overview You must use Hoyer slings with Hoyer lifts.

CHLA2, CHLA2T, CCBL2, CHLA Innovative 6point cradle works with an array of Hoyer slings, including 2, 4, and 6point slings Hoyer Lift CHLA Replacement Parts Refer to drawing for available replacement parts for the Hoyer CHLA Patient Lift. We Also Recommend You may also be interested in the following product(s) Hoyer Lift CHLA2 CHLA2, 6 Point Chrome Hydraulic Patient Lifter Aside from it's low price, one of the first things you should notice about this Hoyer Lift