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MAIN INTRODUCTION: Dyno Control Innovation AutoDynamic Load (ADL) Control System for water brake dynos: SuperFlow dynos use a specially designed Outlet Valve thats fast and precise.

2 In the AUTO Mode this control changes the virtual engine Load. In the MANUAL Mode SuperFlow offers a wide range of flowbench adapters for motorcycles, gokart's and other small engines. Applications include Harley Davidson, import motorcycles and Briggs and Stratton. Contact a SuperFlow sales engineer today for more information. SuperFlow is a global leader in specialized test and remanufacturing equipment for vehicle drivelines.

Since its creation in 1972, SuperFlow products have been relied upon be performance engine builders, remanufacturers, the United States Military (and Allies) worldwide, tech schools, race teams, speed shops, universities, and the leading automotive manufacturers in the world. SuperFlow Performance Dynos and Flowbenches Australia& New Zealand. 532 likes. SuperFlow is the most trusted name in dynamometers, flowbenches and Feb 26, 2009 SuperFlow engine dyno SF 901 Serial# 608 1, 000 HP (can be upgraded to 1, 500 HP) This is A complete engine dyno with software and all hookup accessories MSD SuperFlow manufactures water brake, eddy current and AC engine dynamometers for performance and industrial applications.

SuperFlow engine dynos test gasoline, diesel and CNG engines and several of our water brake dynos are used for AC motor testing. Dynamometer power absorption unit with proprietary nickel bronze construction 2000 hp, 15, 000 rpm, 1, 500 lbsft.

continuous rating, bi directional High speed torsionally compliant driveshaft, with 1, 000 lbft torque, load cell for improved repeatability. (2, 000 lbft optional) SuperFlows SF901 is the most accurate, costeffective engine dyno package available. The Engine Dynamometer Exhaust System uses an exhaust fan to pull cool makeup air into [ DYNO TUNING, 350.

For an additional 350 we will process your engine and tune it on our dyno. It will include a video like the one to the right as well as a legit dyno sheet and data sheet showing EXACTLY how much power your engine makes and at what RPM.

Dec 08, 2015 Here we take you through a tour of our state of the art dyno facility. This setup is one of the best in the industry of snowmobiles and UTV's. DEPAC Dyno Systems 201 Mill St. Rome NY (315) 339 1265 We will provide upgrade parts kits for each specific dyno. DTS PowerMark and SuperFlow In the AUTO Mode this control changes the virtual engine Load.

In the MANUAL Mode this directly turns the remote valve. The Scale or Range of this control is Set with the (SET Full LOAD