Tea accommodations manual 2015-2016

Educators must read and understand the information in the links below prior to submitting an Accommodation Request Form to TEA. The training manuals) for educators needing information on accommodation resources.

Student Assessment TETN Schedule; 2018 STAAR Accessibility Updates Testing Calendars TEA Student Assessment Calendar Calendar of Events. located in District and Campus Coordinator Manual and on TEA website posters delivered with Coordinator Manuals.

Type 2 accommodations require TEA approval to use during a state assessment. The appropriate team of TEA will send 1 administrator manual per 3 students. TEA will redesign the STAAR grades 4 and 7 writing tests so they will be completed in one fourhour administration. Spring 2016. Spring 2017. STAAR, STAAR A and Accommodations 6 Last modified by: The Oregon Accessibility Manual (OAM) applies to the school year and guides the selection and administration of universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations for Oregons Statewide Assessments: The purpose of this communication is to provide information about important changes to the Texas assessment program for the school year.

learners (ELLs) who are eligible for testing accommodations may receive those accommodations through an enhanced online version of STAAR. prior to the school year. TEA STAAR Participation and Linguistic Accommodation Decisions Record of Test Participation and Linguistic Accommodation Decisions for STAAR Program The LPACs decisions must be made in accordance with the state policies and procedures outlined in the following TEA publications: STAAR DecisionMaking Guide Accommodations Manual How to Select, Administer, and Evaluate Accommodations for Instruction and Assessment Early Childhood, Special Education, and Title Services Kansas State Department of Education Rev.

August 2015. 4 Kansas Accommodations Manual Tea Staar Accommodations Manual assistance team). It is not necessary to submit an Accommodation Request Form to TEA. STAAR A. TELPAS grades Update Accommodations STAAR A STAAR Alternate 2 SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 ASSMNT. FOR STUDENTS W DISABILITIES TETN# Examinees may take the ACT test only with accommodations specifically authorized in advance by ACT. Examples of ACTapproved accommodations include: Refer to the ACT Administration Manual State and District Testing Standard Time for information about providing local arrangements to examinees testing with standard time.

Why does my child have to take the test? Watch the overview video to see how the test is designed and what information is gained. Learn More about the STAAR test Accommodation Resources Student Assessment Home Student Assessment Directory Contact Student Assessment TEA accessibility policies may apply to any student taking STAAR or TELPAS depending on his or her needs and whether or not the student meets the eligibility criteria, if applicable.