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The ColorEye XTH Operation Manual contains the information you need to install and set up the instrument, take measurements, and perform maintenance procedures on the spectrophotometer. For Resellers and High Volume Orders: Please request a quote to obtain preferred pricing. The ColorEye XTH is the worlds only handheld color measurement device capable of accurately, consistently measuring color on the most challenging sizes, shapes, and coloreye xth support product.

Global Gateway. Please select your desired language. GRETAG MACBETH COLOR EYE XTH Colorimeter: Item No. : Manufacturer: GRETAG MACBETH: Model Type: COLOR EYE XTH: Machine available from: immediately: Machine color spectrophotometer portable doublebeam for color measurement 962, ColorEye XTH XRite Inc. Color Eye Spectrophotometer Pioneers in the industry, we offer Color i7 Spectrophotometer, Color Eye XTH Portable Spectrophotometer, SP62 Portable Spectrophotometer, Color Eye 7000A Spectrophotometer and Color i5 Spectrophotometer from India.

How to Change Eye Color Naturally If you have yellow, green, or amber pigments in your eyes, you can accentuate them with colored eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliners. Dark eye shadows can make light brown eyes appear much brighter. Green eyes really pop with violets and purples. The hidden pigments in blue eyes show up with gold eye shadow. COLOREYE XTH Spectrophotometer Operation Manual Technical Publication Number: OMH1CEXTH0310 Published: July 2003 Part Number: ii GretagMacbeth ColorEye XTH Operation Manual Technical Publication No.

OMH1CE XTH0310 ISSUED: JULY 2003 Changes are made periodically to the information contained in this manual. b. Retain This Manual for Future ReferenceOnce you Color eye xth manually read this manual, keep it handy for others to read or refer to when they need to operate the unit. c. Obey WarningsPlease comply with all warnings and safeguards that we provide in this manual. They have been written to ColorEye XTH Handheld Portable Spectrophotometer The ColorEye XTH is a lightweight, yet powerful, compact portable spectrophotometer.

With its switchable aperture sizes (10mm and 5mm), the ColorEye XTH provides accurate and flexible measurements of both large and small samples, as well as the most challenging shapes and sizes such as contoured and textured opaque parts.

Changing the color setup can be done at any time when changes are needed. Choosing the Color Equation The ColorEye XTH offers six possible color equations.

To choose a color equation, proceed as follows: 1. Select OPTIONS from the ColorEye XTH Main Menu. 2. Select COLOR SETUP from the Options Menu.

3. Select COLOR EQUATIONS from the Color Setup Menu. 4.