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Documentation for compiler flags is available in the GCC manual. Those flags (which start with Wl) which provides linker flags. flto and various other flags can be used to switch on linktime optimization (LTO). This can result in improved performance and smaller code, but The pkgconfig program is used to retrieve information about installed libraries in the system.

It is typically used to compile and link against one or ironSource supports both Cocoapods and Manual download mechanisms. libxml2. 2. tbd Add Linker Flags: Add two separate linker flags to Target Build Settings Linking Other Linker Flags: Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Link Options. Next: Directory Options, Previous: Assembler Options, Up: In other words, Pass the flag exportdynamic to the ELF linker, on targets that support it. This instructs the linker to add all symbols, not only used ones, to the dynamic symbol table.

OpenUI for iOS Manual Xcode Project Setup. Agentry Client libraries do not support the allload linker flag. Instead, use the forceload option. See the technical note Set Other Linker Flags to ObjC framework SMPAgentryClient. Other Linker Flags: lxml2 Add libxml2. 2. dylib in the Build Phases tab If you did it exactly like this there may be an issue with your XCode, because that's all you need for XCode 4, 4.

2 (I just tried just in case I was missing something), and if I recall correctly also for XCode 3. FAQ: Main Menu: Home; Reference Manual; Introduction; FAQ; What other libraries are needed to compileinstall libxml2? Libxml2 does not require any other library, the normal C ANSI API should be sufficient (please report any violation to this rule you may find). to get the linker flags. Usually this is done directly from the Makefile This document is intended to be the canonical manual for the libxml2 library.

but has a brief introduction to the official Python bindings as well as pointers to other third party language bindings. What is libxml2? xml2config is a script installed by libxml2 that will give you the correct compiler and linker flags for your platform. Is there a list of all flags that can be put into the Other Linker Flags field of the Xcode Build Settings? I've searched the developer documentation without results.

Jan 04, 2010 Hi OS: ubuntu under AMD 64 language: cc I downloaded libxml. tar. gz and i installed successfully. my program is like this Code: 1# include& l a lot of other smaller API improvements: xmlStrPrintf (Aleksey Sanin), Walker i. e. reader on a document tree based on Alfred Mickautsch code, make room in nodes for line numbers, reference counting and future PSVI extensions, generation of character ranges to be checked with faster algorithm (William), xmlParserMaxDepth (Crutcher Dunnavant