Proton iriz 1.6 executive manual

That is until Proton announced at the launch of the Iriz a couple of years ago that they would be offering a limited run of the rangetopping Iriz 1.

6 Premium with three pedals and a fivespeed manual from Getrag. CVT Executive Iriz manual Premium Proton Proton Iriz; Proton Iriz 1. 3 Executive MT& Proton Iriz 1. 6 Premium CVT compared. share on: Facebook Twitter Google 123.

SHARES. Share it! Tweet it! Subscribe to our videos. Since its launch in September 2014, the amount of Proton Iriz on the road today looks to be steadily increasing.

Whether you agree on this or not, the Preve Executive Manual somehow an underrated car even by Protons standards. Being a twoyear old model, I wont elaborate much on the exterior; however interior wise, the keyless pushstart button from the CFE was replaced by the standard keybased ignition.

Proton did not publish any claimed fuel consumption numbers for the Iriz, but our 400km test run of the car returned a trip computer reading of 8. 3 litres100km, a figure that rivals Protons previousgeneration Campro 1. 3 engine and definitely improved over the Campro 1. 6. UPDATE: Our full comprehensive review of the Proton Iriz (1.

3 and 1. 6 engines, manual and CVT) is now up. First, the prices the 1. 3 litre Standard model kicks off the Iriz range at RM42, 438 2015 Proton Iriz 1. 6 Premium RM 37, 800 After trying to pursue a career in product design, Jonathan Lee decided to make the sideways jump into the Proton iriz 1.6 executive manual Lineup has been trimmed, with only three grades on offer Standard, Executive, and Premium.

whilst the rangetopping exclusively with the 1. 6. You get a choice between manual and CVT for the 1. 3 Standard, but the other two grades are CVTonly. Proton Iriz 1. 6 Premium CVT. Proton Iriz 1. 6 Premium CVT Proton Iriz 1. 3 But proton should maintain the front fog lamp for Iriz 1. 6 premium and allocate the LED daylight somewhere else as fog lamps are also very important for safe driving at night.

15 inch sport rim should be a minimum rim size for Iriz Exec 1. 3. 14 inch rim size is too weird on the big Iriz due to the wheel bay is too big and have a lot of gap While the CVTequipped Proton Iriz continues to receive flak, we have here a manual version of the Iriz 1.

3 Executive. This is the highest variant of the 1. 3 Iriz, which retails for RM46, 210. This particular variant costs almost RM20, 000 less than the Iriz 1.

6 Premium CVT we tested here. Buy Proton Iriz and get promosi or discount proton iriz. super high cash rebate free gifts up to RM 1388. call me 9595. Promosi Proton. Proton Saga SV. proton saga plus. proton iriz. proton iriz standard. proton iriz executive. proton iriz premium. proton Available in just two variants, the new Preve will be priced at RM64, 730 for the 1. 6 Executive CVT and RM72, 510 for the 1. 6 Premium CVT increases of RM4, 120 and RM1, 193 respectively.

All Jan 10, 2017 Today's video will be about the Malaysianspec 2014 Proton Iriz five door hatchback with the 1. 3 litre VVT naturally aspirated petrol engine producing 94hp paired to a 5speed manual in the