Carlsbro cobra 90 bg manual transmission

Been playing 20 years, and this relic from my youth still finds a use even now. My main rig is now Trace Elliot ADA, but I still use the Carlsbro for rehearsals and as a monitor power amp. Aug 01, 2009  Depends on what you are used to. They have quite a fair amount of power for their 'meagre' 90 watts, they actually put out a lot of noise. If you're a player who puts a good sound into the amp (i. e. have a good bass, technique and perhaps a decent preamp) you'll get Hi everyone, how are you all?

Hope all is well. Anyway, I've used many really good amps but sold all my gear before I went abroad. Now that I've came back I've picked up another bass and a Carlsbro Cobra 90 4 user reviews on Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG. Bass amp transistor 90W interface simple but sufficient: two inputs (low and high gain), bass and treble pots, 6band equalizer, switch on 5 user reviews on Carlsbro Cobra 90.

Parametric equalizer 90 watt lineout headphone etc. UTILIZATION Simplissime a true plug and play. carlsbro& linear amplifier schematic wiring diagrams John" I have realized that there are little or no Carlsbro tube amp circuits available on the net, although if one contacts the present Carlsbro Company they are very good, willing, and able to provide these same said circuits. May 21, 2016 Fender American Special Jazz BassMarkbass Mini CMD 121 P (Dance To The Music) Duration: 0: 58.

Frank Coklay 7, 210 views I have little to add to what is written above. In conclusion, this is a great amp for a gigging keyboard player who plays in bars and clubs. The volume is fine for small and mediumsized venues on its own, and in big venues it is easily DI'd without trouble.

CARLSBRO COBRA 490. PA any owner's manual, instructions book, user's guide, service manual, schematics, PRO410T INST CARLSBRO COBRA 90 BG INSTRUCCI ASPIRATEUR.

could use a little knowledge. Also, is there any chance the Carlsbro cobra 90 bg manual transmission would be willing to repost the schematics? Carlsbro Cobra 90 Bg. By Ted in Apr 30, 2013 Hi, I have a Carlsbro cobra 90 KB the power stage was blown and after replacing the 2n3955 power transistors, I discovered that there was also a fault in the pre amp. [QUOTEhennep; My son has a" Carlsbro Cobra 90 BG" and he has blown the fuses on the amplifier board. Both fuses are 2.

5A but there is 5A printed on the circuit board. Hi I just bought this old Carlsbro Cobra 90 BG bass amp and need some help with some of the sockets. I will list them below and if anyone knows what t Download 12 Carlsbro Amplifier PDF manuals. User manuals, Carlsbro Amplifier Operating guides and Service manuals.