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KK 2. 1 MultiRotor Control Board User Guide The next evolution of the rotor revolution is here! ! The KK2. 1 is packing new found power with updated set to 0 (zero) the alarm is disabled. Adjust this value to suit the battery in use and monitored by the Flight Control Board sensor input. For a standard 3cell LiPo KK2. 0 Multicopter settings Video& Manual KK2. 0 Written User Manual CLICK HERE KK2.

0 Short User Manual CLICK HERE KK2. 0 How to Flash Manual CLICK HERE. Video 7 kk2 multicopter controller board wiring and setting up voltage alarm. Video 8 kk2 multicopter controller firmware update using usbasp on windows. May 04, 2014  This isn't labeled clearly (or at all) on the 2. 1 board so make sure you take a look at the manual on the hobbyking website. If one happens to connect the JST to the voltage sensor pins backwards it'll smoke the kk board as soon as you connect a Hobbyking KK Multirotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA The original KK gyro system has been updated to an incredibly sensitive 6050 MPU system making this the most stable KK board ever and allowing for the addition of an autolevel function.

(this is different than v1. 6 for 2. 0) Product Specifications. Step 2 Install middle board Step 1 Install bottom board Step 4 Install autopilot board step 5 Install top board Step 6 Install 4 foots. KK MULTICOPTER V5. 5 Setting Manual for KR Firmware for Atmegal 68 based KKmulticontrollers. Introduction to the KKmulticontroller 0 000.

KK MULTICOPTER V5. 5 MultiCopter Types SingleCopter Feb 28, 2013 Having bought a Hobbyking KK2. 0 FC board for my first quad build, I m finding the HK KK2. 0 manual very handy. Heres the manual including a PI tuning video that may come in handy. The new KK2 flight controller from Rolf Bakke sure has a lot going for it, but is it worth the noise that HK is making around this controller? Read on for an indepth review! NOTE: Also check out our KK 2. 1 review! Jan 11, 2015  theres 2 fixed wing modes on the kk2 aero 1s aileron and aero 2s aileron.

either of these wll fly your fixed wing. use the one with the proper aileron servo count. you do not need to use other firmware. and if you flash with KK2flashtool using" KK2. 0 V1. 2 by KapteinKuk" firmware you will have access to the motor layouts you refer to. I have both the kk 2. 0 with 1. 5 and the naza with gps in fact i have 3 2. 0 lcd kk boards. Kk for the price is amazing!

but i can not compare it to my naza for rock solid stability on autopilot and for ap Naza is king. but if your talking about doing flips and things like manual mode. they probably the same. HobbyKing KK2.

0 MultiRotor Control Board Layout: USER MANUAL: Initial Setup: Mount the FC on the frame with the LCD facing front and the buttons facing back. Connect the receiver to the pins on the left side. The negative (black or brown) lead towards the edge of the FC. The order is, from front to back: Aileron, Elevator, KK2. 1 Flight Controller Guide. The first manual is the best one as it explains everything nicely. It also has a nice table at the end that you can print out to write down various settings.

KK2. 1 Instruction Manual V1. 16S1 Pro. pdf Help with KK board please not saving parameters Step 2: Mount the KK2. 0 onto your Quad. The arrow on the bottom of the board goes towards the front of the quad.

The arrow on the bottom of the board goes towards the front of the quad. The buttons will be on the back of the quad so you will need to turn it around to see the LCD screen and program it. Apr 02, 2014 This is one of the most comprehensive FC manuals for the KK2. 1 that just came out. Steveis is the author and I might as well say this is the best one yet.