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Manual MultiChannel Pipettes MultiChannel Pipettes are useful in a variety of applications, the multichannel pipette improves laboratory efficiency by speeding up throughput. Effective use of the multichannel requires additional care to seat tips correctly and achieve uniform accuracy in each tip. New to ShopRAININ?

As a registered user, you can benefit from additional RAININ EDP Electronic Pipettes measure liquid volumes from one to 2500 microliters In addition to this instruction manual, the EDP package should contain 1. The EDP Electronic Pipette 2. The wall transformer silent. At this time, the digital volume display on the LCD panel should become visible. Should these initial events fail to occur Rainin Pipette. The RAININ Classic is the ergonomic evolution of traditional pipetting.

Based on the look, feel and handling of classical pipettes, newly added ergonomic features ensure a handfriendly operation and a reduced risk of injuries. Nov 04, 2011  The PipetLite XLS is one of the most ergonomic manual pipette on the market with proven accuracy and precision. Its surefit handle, light springs and stictionless sealing technology This is an example of static content overlay. Most overlays should utlize the dynamic global method instead.

This is however helpful in cases like WYSIWYG situations. Rainin offers stateoftheart single channel, multichannel and adjustable spacer manual pipettes and accessories that raise the bar on comfort, performance and control. Rainin's PipetLite XLS manual pipettes blend cuttingedge engineering and innovation to deliver highly reproducible results with exceptional comfort. Transferpette electronic single channel pipettes are supplied with battery, 120V AC adapter with charging cable (" with AC" models only), one pipette tip sample pack, silicone oil, operating manual, and one year warranty.

Rainin EDP3 Electronic Pipette's advanced technology avoids pipetting errors and ensures highest precision. EDP3 makes piston movements operator independent, providing consistent accuracy, usertouser, sampletosample. Rainins E4 XLS is a revolutionary electronic pipette fully laden with features and with a new graphical user interface that is extremely straightforward and intuitive Eppendorf Xplorer Electronic MultiChannel Pipette The new Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipette was specially designed for high professional standards to provide optimal support for you in your work, with a new intuitive operating concept and design based on the proven Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept.

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