E080-04 galaxy ethernet module manual lawn

The Honeywell E0808 Provides alarm signalling and remote servicing support for Galaxy systems via 10 Base T Ethernet LANWAN supporting TCPIP protocol. Galaxy 3 Series Installation Manual Ethernet Module Ethernet Module E080 The Ethernet Module is an optional addon to the Galaxy 3144 and 3520 panels. It is a highly intelligent and compact module, combining alarm signalling, remote servicing and integrated facilities over Ethernet LAN and or The Galaxy Ethernet Module is an optional addon to the Galaxy Control Panel range, intended for use with the Galaxy 8, 18, 60, 128, 500, 504 and 512 (High Security) products.

control from your preferred mobile device (requires E Ethernet module) Wireless system expander module RF Portal Bidirectional wireless interface with full range of intrusion and environmental detectors Galaxy Ethernet Module Provides alarm signalling and remote servicing The latest enhancement to the App (V3.

0) also brings push notification functionality, providing users with instant alerts on their smart device if an alarm should be triggered by their Galaxy system. The new module is a direct replacement for the existing one (E0804), which has reached end of life. The new Galaxy Ethernet module will be supplied under part number E and offers a number of enhancements as follows: More compact size Lower power consumption Functional enhancements on dual signalling, via software v2.

11 9rrueodg, qkrxgvrsjdyh, qwurgxfwlh& rpsdwlelolwhlw rrigvwxn, qvwdoodwlh Configuring the Module onto the Ethernet Network The Ethernet module should be configured onto the Ethernet network from the Galaxy control panel. The Network mask defines the number of bits taken from the IP address that are assigned for host section.