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Seller's Comments and Description: Rotator With Standard Panel Meter Controller, Refurbished& Upgraded ETC. Includes top mast clamp, plugs for control cable, IEC power lead plus revisied manual. Emotator 502 cxx sax. I don't have full data on the Emotator 502 series but here is the cxx PDF Download New Updated. Here is the wiring for the Emotator 105 from controler to rotator Manufacturer Name Type Language Pages Filesize [kB Notes Status; CDE: AR10: ENG: 6: 1630: Version: CDE: AR22: ENG: 12: 566: Version: On the manual a step by step instalation guide will help you to make the setup on most common rotors models.

This is possible by using some varible resistors (trimmers), that let you set the optimum calibration. Rotator circuit diagram and Manual: Emotator 102MX 103MX: Manual schematic, parts and exploded views (in Japanese) ComAnTena 40m 2 Element Beam: PDF Diagram with reference infodimensions. Link to pics of a beam in the air: Hills Industries Towers and Masts catalogues. Instuction manual ICATiONtS rubber (EV800DX only) rotator and an elevation angle rotator. The Emotator is separated i Both are stored in housings alloy The braking equipment is specially designed, and w tator will not move due to wind pressure, etc.

The elevation angle rotator s aaaevart DUORO SERVICES Australia. ROTATOR MANUALS& SCHEMATICS available by request only Kur02 page updated. Please select the manual or schematic you want from the list below (only one manual @ a time please)& click the button below, then fill in ALL the email inquires windows plus your selection. I will get back to you Nov 30, 2016 Here we have the Emotator 1200 DSX rotator set.

The 1200 is a 24 volt DC rotator with a standard DSX controller. A standard controller was upgraded to a highlow DUAL SPEED configuration in the If the tells you to make a bridge between pins on the ERCR PCB do this on the bottom side by using the isolated wire as shown.

Presolder the connections and finally insert the cables as specified in the rotatorspecific section. Emotator Fashion style of America Fukner HyGain Kenpro M2 Pro. Sis. Tel Sky King SPID Elektronik Stolle Yaesu: Alliance; Pix Model Type Vertical load Quicknote; C225: AzimuthHD73Azimuth Antenna Rotator: Azimuth: 45 KgFukner; Pix Model Type Vertical load Quicknote; FU200" Sky King" Azimuth: 50 KgFU400: Azimuth: 200 Kg Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts and Warranty (See Manual for details) As microprocessors have increased the utility of the amateur radio operators station, we have seen a void in the control of station accessories such as your antenna rotator, remote antenna switch boxes, and digital interface boxes.

Emotator 747 Overhaul My rotator is around 20 years old, and had finally stalled after grinding to a halt. This was caused by the grease used to lubricate the 2 ball races congealing and be