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Evolved from some of the midsixties best lowpowered amplifiers. The 2xEL84, Cathode Biased, Class A sound is that of astonishing warmth, depth, and harmonic richness all in a small package that allows bigamp sound on small stages, in the studio or at home. Oct 29, 2008  65amps Stone Pony Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Richards, Oct 23, 2008. Page 1 of 6 1 2 3 I am confident the amp exceed its expectations, this will be my first 65 amp, can; t wait to play it!

! Love my Soho, and is not a stranger to a second 65 Amps in the future. Hope you have the facility to make some soundclips Sep 08, 2006  2 channel 18 Watt handwired TONE machine with custom hand wired transformers and tone capacitors Vox like Cleans Nov 15, 2010  I know You Tube is by no means a good way to judge an amp's tone, but there are a ton of 65 amps videos out there.

Gives you at least an idea what they are all about. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good background about the Free users manuals for you. View and download free manuals and users guides.

Hello to 65 Amps, I am a new proud owner of the Ventura well, I bought it about a month ago and I gigged twice with it already, but it still feels new to me. General Terms. Items must be returned in original, asshipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described. 65 Amps" The Ventura" combo with an upgraded Austin Speaker Works (ASW) Crossroads speaker. It sounds incredible! Please note: the footswitch is not included.

From the 65 Amps: The Ventura is a response to the oversaturation of" Lunch Box" amps in the market that are found lacking in quality for professional players. Maximum Weight Capacity Manual Treadmill with Pacer. OverdriveDistortion Pedal Based On the Bogner Uberschall Amplifier with 3band EQ and Footswitchable Boost. Based on Bogner Wessex Overdrive Pedal. Stompbox Fever 65 Amps Colour Bender, 65 Amps Colour Face, Bogner Burnley, Bogner Bogner Wessex, Crucial Audio Echo Feb 20, 2015 Just got a used treadmill off craigslist.

Gym quality. Didn't even think to notice that it takes a 20 amp outlet. So now I've got this thing home and can't plug it in since all my house plugs are 65amps SoHo HP Blue line 2035 watt guitar amplifier head. Mint condition as you can see from the pictures. This one has 4 EL84 tubes (instead of the standard 2) so this amp will give you more headroom on the" high" setting (4 EL84s) and the normal output on the" low" setting (2 EL84s).

65amps are made for the discerning player who is searching for the best of old and new tones in a modem, reliable, and roadworthy amp. Inspired by the best amp voices in 60's RocknRoll, 65amps bring together a robust combination of the best tube amps Sep 09, 2009 The Soho is the more versatile amp. It can do blackfacey cleans through to marshally lead tones with a decent amount of gain, and can get voxy as well.

It's a strange amp in that it sounds better recorded than it does in the room to me (not that it sounds bad at all in the room). 65 Amps: the SOHO. James Egolf. September 10, 2007. A A 65 Amps MSRP 2895 65amps. com Our expert has stated his case, now we want to hear yours. Log on to 65 amps soho manual treadmill. com, click on Forum and share your comments and ratings. Recent Articles by James Egolf.

Apr 07, 2009 I'm currently looking at these two guitar amps, and while I've enjoyed the the soundclips of the London a hair bit more, I think the SoHo might be a better choice since 18 watts is a bit much for my needs I'm only going to be doing studio recording with it in a small room.