Thunder power tp 425 manual

Click Here Detailed Specifications on Thunder Power Batteries& Chargers TP425 charger is specially designed to charge Lithiumpolymer Batteries only. contact Thunder Power RC (TPRC) or an authorized retailer with compatibility questions. As TPRC has no control over use, setup, final assembly, modification or misuse, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any resulting damage or injury.

Thunder power TP820CD Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Thunder power TP820CD Instruction& Operation Manual Thunder Power RC TP820CD Input and Output Power Updated Maximum Charge Power Input Max Input Maximum Charge Power LiPo Cell Maximum Charge Maximum Discharge Power Maximum Discharge Power Output 2 Ports Voltage Current Output 1 Port Count CurrentRange 1 Port Jun 29, 2009 Re: Thunder Power TP610C i just bought this charger from TBM and Troy built moders website say at many places that this charger charges LiIon battteries but the charger manual ot thunderpower website does not say that.

Las Vegas, NV Call us: (702) Email: The Thunder Power manuals for the TP 425 ChargerTP 205V Balancer are not informative at all, and now, I am guessing I have it all setup wrong for charging. Does anyone have a complete step by step process on how to charge a LiPolymer battery with TP 425 ChargerTP 205V Balancer? Connect the input power leads to a 12V deep cycle battery or regulated power supply (o bserving polarity) Note: When you charge at maximum rating, the input current required is a minimum of 10A.

2. Las Vegas, NV Call us: (702) Email: TP425 LITHIUM POLYMER CHARGER Users Guide TP425 charger is specially designed to charge Lithiumpolymer Battery only. Do not attempt to charge any other batteries such as Nicd or NiMh and SLA battery. Please carefully read and understand about the Lithium polymer battery safeties before charging your batteries. Comments There are currently no product reviews Write a review on this product!

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