Zinwell 3x4 multitwitch manuals

Zinwell 3 x 4 MultiSwitch by The Zinwell 3x4 satellite multiswitch allows DirecTV customers to connect a standard 18 inch satellite dish with dual output LNB to up 4 seperate satellite receivers. Features 3rd input for optional cable televisioninternet or offair antennae input feeds. For technical The Zinwell WB68 is a DIRECTVapproved, 6x8 multiswitch, designed to expand the new KaKu Satellite Dish Antennas from 4 outputs to 8 outputs, How to Install a Zinwell MultiSwitch by Jason Taetsch Zinwell MultiSwitches distribute the signal from your DirecTV satellite dish to multiple satellite receivers and expand the connectivity of your satellite dish.

IMPORTANT: This multiswitch should never be used in a system containing a Frequency Translation Module (FTM). The equivalent function of this multiswitch is already contained in the FTM. Combining this multiswitch with an FTM could result in your DIRECTV System not working.

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2 inputs ports (1318) for satellite (one lnbf with two lines). 4 outputs to connect up to 4 receivers. This Multiswitch has an Active or Amplified circuit for your local TV, and it gets its power from the receiver. No power supply is needed. In short, the Multiswitch will allow you to have 4 different receivers on at the same time. The 3x4 multi switch model SAM3402 is a DirecTV approved switch. This switch provides reception of one satellite to 4 receivers.

Zinwell manufactures various kind of switches for worldwide market. The 3x4 multi switch, like rest of Zinwell switches, is globally recognized.