Lcn door closer 320g manual

Hydraulic LCN 4041Series Door Closer, Heavy Duty Interior and Exterior, Dark Bronze. DG. LCN Hydraulic LCN 4041Series Door Closer, Heavy Duty Interior and Exterior, Dark Bronze Manual Hydraulic Norton 7500Series Door Closer, Heavy Duty Interior and LCN Fusible Link Closers and Arms LCN is one of the last closer companies to sell fusible link armed closers. A fusible link arm is designed to hold open the door until the heat from a fire melts the Link, which releases the door.

Resolution: The" 320G" is the# on a UL sticker attached to the arm of most LCN door closers, and is not a door closer model number. The" 320G" means that the arm is not a mechanical hold open device and OK to use on fire doors. LCN CLOSERS 121 W.

RAILROAD AVE. P. O. BOX 100 1 PRINCETON, IL, USA www. lcnclosers. com 2004 IngersollRand Company LCN ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST Introduction How to Use the LCN Parts List The LCN Illustrated Parts Listis designed to help technical service or maintenance 320G on an LCN cylinder assembly.

These Nov 15, 2008 Door closer adjustment is an art that requires knowledge, patience, and an ability to climb up and down a ladder several times, but with these attributes and the appropriate wrench, hex key, or screwdriver, you can do it yourself.

LCN heavyduty security door closers feature castiron cylinders, forged steel arms, allweather fluid, and double heattreated pinions that help provide long service life. 1261 and 1461 Series Closers are nonhanded and can be mounted with parallel arms on either right or left swing doors. May 08, 2014 Pain to get through a heavy door? Adjustment takes 2 min, limits and capability explained and shown.

Some other models have a" hold open" adjustment, too. LCN CLOSERS 121 W. RAILROAD AVE. P. O. BOX 100 PRINCETON, IL, USA PHONE FAX 307 NEW 4040XP closer shipped with EDA arm, standard plastic cover, and self reaming and tapping screws. Back Check Valve, (valve# 1 as specified in instructions) controls the back check intensity (332 allen wrench).

Back check is used to slow the door down if someone throws Lcn door closer 320g manual door open, or if the wind were to catch the door, and blow it open. Choose Options Below. This LCN 1461 is an adjustable commercial and institutional door closer. Its adjustable spring size makes this closer versatile to accommodate nearly all installations without any major adjustments.

Lcn 4041 Door Closer Adjustment Instructions Closers lcn 4041fp door closer, door closer body 320g manual, 320G LCN, 320g closer arm, LCN 320G Closure, ingersoll rand 320g, ir lcn 4041, lcn 320 g, LCN 1460. BRITON 1120 Series Surface Mounted Door Closer by Allegion. an adjustable 24 strength closer to suit the LCN products can be found in many hightraffic facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and correctional facilities.

With innovative door closure solutions, LCN products are trusted to work seamlessly during critical moments.