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AURALiC. When the first Vega DAC entered production some fiveish years ago, many in the industry quickly pronounced it a fantastic achievement, one which entered a then still relatively new allinone DAC streamer market. Years later, as the noise has somewhat subsided, it was time to launch an all new line and drive the benchmark further north.

AURALiC Auralic vega dac manualidades DAC Review Highlights The AURALiC VEGA is a fantastic product that has surprised me to no end.

Looked at objectively on the test bench it offers performance that is unmatched. One of the VEGA G2s highspeed galvanic isolators lies between the Tesla processing platform and its highly sensitive DAC circuitry. Data can flow across the isolator, even while it physically separates and shields the DAC from interference. The result is a whopping 80 reduction in noise levels compared to the original VEGA DAC.

Review: AURALiC Vega DAC Posted on March 14, 2015 by Scot Hull in Digital 12 Comments Standalone digitaltoaudio converters have gotten quite good, but only in recent years, and the progression from it works to its worthy of replacing analog was quite rapid.

Munich HighEnd 2018 promises to be a hectic few days for AURALiC. From the floor of the MOC, the ChineseAmerican company will launch their Leo GX Master Clock and G1 versions of the Aries streamer and Vega DAC two digital audio products that helped Xuanqian Wang and his team earn a robust reputation in the notoriously fickle world of highend audio.

But a major benefit offered by the Auralic Vega is that it will decode both DSD64 and DSD128 datastreams via its USB input. (DSD64 is so called because it operates at a sample rate of 2. 8224MHz, or 64x44, 100Hz, and is the format offered on SACD discs; as its name suggests, DSD128 features twice the sample rate, or 5. 6448MHz, moving the format's That sounded like a DAC I needed to review, but it wasn't until July that AURALiC cofounder Xuanqian Wang handdelivered a review sample of the VEGA.

And it wasn't until October 2013 that I was able to embark on this review. AURALiC. was founded in Beijing, in The VEGA G2 DAC section can process PCM files with sampling Auralic vega dac manualidades ranging from 44. 1 to 384kHz and with bit depths up to 32 bits; it can also handle DSD files ranging from DSD64 to DSD512. There are total of six available digital audio inputs: one AESEBU, one Toslink, one coaxial SPDIF, a Gigabit Ethernet streaming input, a proprietary AURALiC LLink (Lightning Link) input, and a USB input.