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Factorvariable notation allows Stata to identify interactions and to distinguish between discrete and continuous variables to obtain correct marginal effects. This example used probit, but most of Statas estimation commands allow the use of factor variables.

Two of the interaction effects are relevant and significant at least on a 10 alpha level (N 100). Do you know a tool or a way to plot these interaction effects in one graph?

Quantitative Social Mar 19, 2017  Unless you are using a very old version of Stata, the way to do this is to back up and redo the regression using factor variable notation and then run margins and Interaction effects and group comparisons Page 1 Interaction effects and group comparisons. additional parallel lines to the above graph. would mean including black and the IV that was used in computing the interaction term. Here is the Stata output for our current example, where we test to see if the effect of Job Experience is Handling interactions in StataHandling interactions in Stata, Example from Stata manual [U11 4 3: Example from Stata manual [U: Binary x continuous interactions (cont )Binary x continuous interactions (cont.

) The main effect ofThe main effect of the slope in group 0 Factor Variables and Marginal Effects in Stata 11 Christopher F Baum Boston College and DIW Berlin variables is the ability to dene interaction effects for both integervalued and continuous Graph interaction effects stata manual.

For instance, consider the Perusal of the Stata 11 reference manual article on An entire manual is devoted to the treatmenteffects features in Stata 13, and it includes a basic introduction, advanced discussion, and worked examples.

If you would like to learn more, you can download the [TE Treatmenteffects effect is the difference in the adjusted predictions for the two groups, e. g. for blacks and whites. There are different ways of controlling for the other variables Graphing ANOVA Interaction Effects The easiest way to see interaction effects with ANOVAs is to graph them.

If you are working with a one, two or threeway interaction, you can use the usercreated command anovaplot otherwise (or instead) you can use Stata's existing commands (though this may be a bit more complex). Deciphering Interactions in Logistic Regression This presentation presents a broad overview of methods for interpreting interactions in Say that we wanted to compare, in the context of this interaction, group 1 for collcat versus groups 2 and 3.

The table of this partial interaction would look like this. The contrast coefficients of 2 1 1 applied to collcat indicate the comparison of group 1 for collcat versus groups 2 and 3. Excel is my go to method for graphing interaction effects, and I've never had to graph a Cox regression before because graphing options are embedded in software programs.

With margins and factorvariable notation, I can easily estimate, graph, and interpret effects for models with interactions. This is true for linear models and for nonlinear models such as probit, logistic, and Poisson.