Age restricted sales policy manual

Under Age Sales Point of Sale, Training and Legislative Resources. The protection of children from harm is what lies behind the range of age restricted sales legislation. At Under Age Sales Ltd we specialise in helping retailers to achieve compliance.

Understanding how to manage underage sales is probably the main compliance challenge a convenience store retailer faces. This guide explains what you are legally obligated to do; what you should consider doing as best practice; and how you put in place the policies and procedures that will help you to manage this difcult area successfully.

Age Restricted Sales 2 An essential guide to agerestricted products Top tips to avoid underage sales If in doubt refuse to sell. y Operate a Challenge 25 policy ask for proof of age from anyone who looks younger than 25 years Age Restricted Goods Training Package For Sales Staff We are asking all persons involved in the sale of age restricted products, particularly alcohol to actively embrace the principles of the S. T. A. R. scheme. Adopt a think 25 policy UnderAge Sales The issue of abuse and violence against shopworkers and drivers making home This Executive Council Statement is both a policy statement and a campaigning tool UnderAge Sales The refusal of agerestricted sales can be a major Age restricted sales do you PASS?

do you PASS? is an online tool providing all the necessary materials for local authorities to deliver facetoface training to retailers for the prevention of underage sales. purchasers age before completing the sale is by using reminders on point of sale terminals. Programming terminals so that a message such as Check age! is displayed, when an age restricted product is scanned through, ensures that staff verify the purchasers age before continuing with the sale.

entered on the Radiant POS and complete the Age Restricted Sales Manual Entry Log. c. If Military or Passport is presented enter in the date of birth on the cash register. Developed with business and regulators, this code of practice covering products and services for which statutory age restrictions are in place is a nonstatutory approach to improving associated compliance and enforcement activities, whether in relation to premises or online supply.

May 31, 2016 Raising the Minimum Legal Sale Age for Tobacco and Related Products Tips and Tools (2016) Basic information for state and local policymakers, advocates, and others on policy implications related to raising the minimum legal sale age for persons to whom tobacco products may be sold.

Age restricted sales What should retailers do? If an agerestricted product is sold to an underage person, even if they claim they are for an adult, the retailer and the salesperson can be guilty of a criminal offence. AgeRestricted Sales and Products Some products are agerestricted which means that you have to be over a certain age to buy them.

Anyone who sells these products to an underage person commits a criminal offence. ResaleDeed Restriction Guidelines Page 4 of 12 Correspondent Seller Guide Identification and Eligibility of Deed Restrictions, Continued Affordable Housing Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU) or Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDU) are properties where a deed restriction is imposed as a means of providing affordable housing.