Sram force front derailleur manual transfer

Rear derailleur: Sram Force 22, 11 speed The choice between a short and longcage rear derailleur is automatically linked to your choice of cassette, so a short cage up to the 28t, and a WiFli derailleur from 30t onward. The SRAM Force 22 front derailleur gives riders the freedom to shift quickly with no trim and no chain rasp.

The Yaw rotating front derailleur cage is an elegant solution to a problem that plagued drivetrains for decades. When you've ridden your apex, rival or 2012 force group hard and want to get your SRAM Traditional Front Derailleur shifting like new, take a look at this video and let professional mechanic Daniel Slusser show you how it's done.

Video; How to Adjust Sram Yaw Front Derailleurs. Jan 25, 2013  Fixing your own bike and, specifically, adjusting your derailleurs can be quite an intimidating task. In this video, learn how to adjust a SRAM mechanical rear derailleur Front Derailleurs: The Sram front road derailleurs have been engineered specifically for 10 speed performance. They operate with double cranksets only. The cage is designed for use with both compact and standard chain ring sizes, and has a 16 tooth differential capacity.

Pro FACT carbon seatpost is super light and stiff for optimal power transfer SRAM's pro tourproven RED carbon shifters are super light, with" double tap" technology for simple intuitive shifting and reach adjustment for perfect fit Rival is cheaper still, but the stiffer cage, improved cage surface treatment, and higher precision pivots on the Force Yaw 22 front derailleur are well worth the extra money.

The SRAM Red Exogram crankset offers a big improvement in performance compared to Force or Rival. Specialized Pro FACT carbon crankset with OSBB and removable spider has outstanding strengthtoweight ratio for superior power transfer, plus SRAM's pro tourproven Red group for featherlight weight, intuitive shifting, and reach adjustment for perfect fit The SRAM Force Front Derailleur achieves the critical balance between positive downshifts and lightaction upshifts.

It features a unique design maximized for 10 speed drivetrains. Working in tandem with the SRAM Force DoubleTap controls, the SRAM Force Front Derailleur allows you to trim your shifting on the big chainring for seamless gear changes. Your SRAM front derailleur may seem like a complicated piece of componentry but with a little help you can master the subtle adjustments that lead to perfect shifting.

Dec 14, 2015  SRAM's newer front mechs use 'Yaw' technology, and adjusting them is different to adjusting a traditional mech. So, in this video, Simon runs