Arcair slice instruction manual

Instruction Manual For SLICE Exothermic Cutting Equipment 1 lance), and the third the heat of combustion (some external source of heat). However, when the lance pierces a slag puddle, the puddle becomes the source of heat until the lance is withdrawn, at which time burning stops.

The Arcair slice is a must for maintenance and repair departments, it can remove headless bolts and frozen pins, cut insulated pipes and ducting, cut through coated structural steel, burn through bridge steel and decking, cut concrete lined pipes, cut through or remove hardfacing from buckets and wear surfaces plus many other tasks. SLICE EXOTHERMIC CUTTING EQUIPMENT 11 SAFETY 1.

0 Safety Precautions Users of Arcair, an ESAB brand, welding and plasma cutting equipment have the ultimate responsibility for the inventor of arc gouging and exothermic cutting. Arcair and SLICE products are synonymous with the aircarbon arc gouging and exothermic cutting processes. Manual torches, cables and holders arcair slice instruction manual comnavsurforinst 3541.

1a, standard repair party manual for instructions and parts nomenclature the arcair slice pecu. ARCAIR Slice Battery Pack# TwentyFive (25) 14in (6.

4mm) Cutting Rods and Instruction Manual. The Arcair Slice Battery Pack now comes in a rugged metal box. As with the utility pack you get all the basis items needed to do a cutting job such as torch, striker and rods. Arcair, an ESAB brand, is a world leader in metal removal and cutting and sells this exothermic cutting equipment under the trade name Arcair SLICE.

Page 12 SLICE EXOTHERMIC CUTTING EQUIPMENT This Page Intentionally Blank PROCESS FUNDAMENTALS ARCAIR SLICE GO 00 BATTERY ASSEMBLY CUT STRIKER CHARGE TEST SWITCH IN CHARGE POSITION CUT RESET CUT TORCH TEST CHARGE CHARGE TEST SWITCH IN CUT POSITION 4. 2 CUTTING SWITCH IN TEST POSITION The SLICE Equipment's ability to cut without using a welding power supply means versatility and portability. Because this Arcair Slice Cutting System Manual Arcair SLICE Battery Unit Pack Exothermic Cutting System (10FT, 220V, 1PH, 50HZ) Torch Assy, Striker, Cutting Rods Unlike any other cutting process used.

Arcair SLICE Instruction Manual We aim to give our customers the best online experience possible. If you see a mistake please tell us so we can fix it and make things even better. Slice Complete Pack SLICE Cutting Systems PRODUCT CATALOG. The Arcair SLICE torch, complete with cables and cutting rod, weighs less than seven pounds.

Carryall convenience Instruction Manual 89 ARCAIR INDUSTRIAL SLICE PACK Catalog No. BATTERY IS NOT INCLUDED. Instruction Manual For SLICE Exothermic Cutting Equipment. 2 FUNDAMENTALS OF THE PROCESS Process Description The SLICE Exothermic Cutting process uses an exothermic chemical reaction that burns, melts, or Arcair Company, a world leader in metal removal and cutting, sells this