Effikal vent damper manual

A quite tale of woe as a result of my three year old son turning our boiler on and off and managing to kill the vent damper. Obviously we now are without heat. Help! Vent Damper Failed Can I override to get us through the night? Nick Posts: 27 Member. Apparently there was a recall of some of these Effikal vent dampers. You have to Modifying an Effikal Vent Damper with a Harness Plug for use with a (no vent damper receptacle) Modification to the vent damper wiring must be performed by a qualified service installer or service agency.

These instructions are to supplement the Installation and Maintenance Manual provided with your PVI water heater.

Before you begin, read Field Controls Vent Damper Motor Assembly Plastic Base This Field Controls replacement Motor with plastic base takes only a few minutes to install. It allows you to replace a defective motor without replacing an entire unit. This will save half the cost of replacing the entire assembly.

Effikal LLC was purchased by Field Controls in 2006. With the acquisition Field Controls became the largest provider of millivolt vent and flue dampers for fresh air ventilation and gas ventilation.

Effikal vent damper manual damper rotates a full 360 degrees in 90 degree segments which makes makes it effcient and self cleaning. Plus it features a positiveseal NOTE: Read the entire instruction manual before starting the installation.

These instructions must be affixed on or adjacent to the boiler. This symbol indicates a change since the last issue. The vent damper date code is located on a sticker under the motor assembly cap on the plastic base. Serial numbers are located on a label on the side of the damper's cap.

All sizes and models of the RVGPPC have the same motor assembly with black Effikal caps and black plastic bases. View and Download WilliamsonThermoflo RVGP user's information manual online. GasFired Steam Boilers.

RVGP Boiler pdf manual download. User's information manual; WilliamsonThermoflo RVGP User's Information Manual. When equipped with Effikal vent damper Model RVGP, place service switch in Hold Damper Open position. 4. The Field Vent Damper is installed in the vent pipe, after the draft hood, or barometric. During off cycles, it remains closed, preventing air flow through the vent. When there is a call for heat, the motor is energized, rotating the damper 90 degrees to an open position.