Variable type string spss manual

If you use SPSS versions earlier than 16, please read this document first. By default all variables are numeric unless you specify explicitly a different type; this is the case for string variables.

The distinction between numeric and string variables is important because the variable type dictates what you can or cannot do with a variable. You can do calculations with IBM SPSS Statistics 23 is wellsuited for survey research, though by no means is For example, if a user has a variable called Name, then its variable type should be String. Similarly, a variable named GPA should be a Numeric type, typically given two decimal places.

I Type: Allows you to specify a particular kind of variable that helps SPSS know how to work with the variable during analyses. The types include numeric, comma, dot, scientific, date, dollar currency percent, string, and restricted numeric. Convert SPSS string variables into numeric ones the right way.

Quickly master the trick with a stepbystep example on downloadable practice data. Converting an SPSS string variable into a numeric one is simple. However, there's a huge pitfall that few people are aware of: Try and convert variable again. alter type s1 to s3 (f1) s4 (f6. 3). SPSS Basics Tutorial 1: SPSS Windows Click OK. This will define the first column as a string variable called Name. 5. Double click on the top of the second column. This will open the Define Variable dialog 7. Select Continue.

This will close the Define Variable Type dialog box and will reopen the Define Variable dialog box. 8. Click SPSS Manual for Introductory Applied Statistics: A Variable Approach John Gabrosek We will often do that in this SPSS manual. 1. 2 CHAPTER 0. INTRODUCTION TO SPSS Figure 0. 1: Dialog box for opening a data le or entering data. 2. Change Type to String. 3. Label the It is important to specify which variables in your data are dates times so that SPSS can recognize and use these variables appropriately.

However, the procedure for defining a variable as datetime depends on its currently defined type (e. g.string, numeric, datetime).