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updates all ten Field Manuals, including a history section that will bridge the gap between where the appropriate Field Manual left off and the current year of 3067, as well LYRAN ALLIANCE 163 Overview 163 Ambitions 163 Pebbles and Avalanches 164 Ships of the Alliance 165 Alliance Guard 166 Alliance Jaegers 167 Arcturan Guard 168 Objectives: Lyran Alliance is a BattleTech companion to the Field Report PDFexclusive series that is designed to provide campaign players and gamemasters with information about the state of the Lyran Alliances The second of two volumes on the Clans, Field Manual: Warden Clans describes the Defenders of Kerensky's Vision: Clans Cloud Cobra, Coyote, Diamond Shark, Ghost Bear, Goliath Scorpion, Snow Raven and Steel Viper.

This book describes the tactics, military doctrines and battle histories of each Clan Sep 14, 2011  The ninth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Lyran Alliance describes the Lyran Alliance and its military circa 3062. Like Field Manual: Federated Suns before it, FM: LA describes the units, hierarchy, and training practices of the LAAF immediately prior to the Federated Commonwealth Civil War.

Also included is a brief (FAS1699) Classic Battletech: Field Manual: Lyran Alliance All medical books: author fasa: battletech (author Field Manual, Free Worlds League. pdf Books by fasa corporation (author of shadowrun) Books by FASA Corporation. FASA Corporation Average rating 3. 81 1, 823 ratings 14 reviews shelved DOWNLOAD: Battletech Field Manual Capellan Confederation PDF CLASSIC BATTLETECH: FIELD MANUAL: LYRAN ALLIANCE (FAS1720 classic battletech: field manual: lyran alliance (fas1720) [fasa corp.fasa on amazon.

free shipping Remuz Roleplaying game archive. Powered by h5ai v Field Manual detailing the TO& E of the military forces of the Lyran Allianjce BattleTech Field Manual: Lyran Alliance reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the new Alliance forces. This manual describes each Lyran regiment and its loyalties, profiles and special rules, plus cuttingedge equipment and the latest 'Mechs from the famed Steiner factories.