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Find great deals on eBay for UEI Remote in TV Remote Controls. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for UEI Remote in TV Remote Controls. User ID carrieshehane (Feedback score 8719) Atlas OCAP 5Device M1056 English and French Manual. JP1. 3 Programming. Database of remote codes that can be load UEI One For All Remote Providing product features, setup instructions, user guides, videos, and more The [Setup Button.

Many of the topics in this help document will talk about the [Setup button. I've used [Setup because that was how the button was Uei user manual jp1 on my first UEI remote, you'll have to translate that for whatever button is the equivalent on your remote.

This auction is for a Optimum Branded Atlas OCAP 1056B03 5Device Universal Remote Control with JP1 (JP1. 3) Interface from UEI (Universal Electronics). It can control your TV, Cable Box, Audio Amplifier, DVD Player, and AUX Device. One For All is the consumer brand of Universal Electronics Inc.the world leader in wireless control solutions. In our almost 27year existence, we have introduced the userfriendliest products to the market in our role as a technology partner to the major players and brands in JP1 Overview.

JP1 remotes are inexpensive remote controls made by Universal Electronics (UEI or UEIC) and sold under several brand names, most notably OneforAll and Radio Shack.

Such remotes typically sell for US1550. Introduction. This page attempts to document all of the 9xx commands that are available on some One For All and other UEI remotes. Note. Not all functions are available on all remotes. See Manual Programming 9xx Commandsin the JP1 wiki, to see how to setup keymoves without the benefit of a cable. EFC's will only work with remotes manufactured by UEI. The remote must contain a setup code that has the same protocol executor (PID) and the same fixed data.