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RiverSurveyor S5M9 System Manual. describes how to install and configure the RiverSurveyor sys SonTekYSI RiverSurveyor S5M9 System Manual (February 2001) v. Contact Information. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions can be directed to SonTek by telephone, fax, or email.

SonTek M9 HydroSurveyor in HYPACK SONTEK HYDROSURVEYOR DRIVER SETUP FIGURE 3. SonTek M9 HydroSurveyor Driver Setup Use as Multitransducer records all 5 beams as multitransducer records (. ECM) in the Raw files. Deselected, the driver reports Manual Scaling: Select the Fixed MinimumMaximum RiverSurveyor S5M9& HydroSurveyor. Second Generation Power& Communications Module (PCM) Jan 23, 2014.

SonTek Bridge front and back view and in the SonTek supplied dry bag with the Motorola Q RiverSurveyor S5M9 System Manual Author: SonTekYSI SonTekYSI RiverSurveyor S5 and M9 FAQ (January 2009) 2 or four beams at a 2030 degree angle.

The vertical beam also enables the S5 or M9 to Side Lobe Suppression The River Surveyor S5 and M9 employ SonTeks proprietary method of acoustic side lobe suppression on each of its transducers.

This innovative de Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this manual. However, SonTek, a Product Name: River Surveyor S5; River Surveyor M9 RiverSurveyor S5M9 System Manual (September 2011) vii Table of Contents SonTekYSI 2 RiverSurveyor S5 and M9 SmartPulseHD Feature o At a depth of 1.

5 m, the maximum velocity limit is about 0. 4 ms. The maximum velocity increases significantly in shallower water. RiverSurveyor Software v 4. 60 05Jul2007. The Windowsbased RiverSurveyor realtime and postprocessing software program was designed from the ground up, specifically for use in rivers. The easytouse software allows you to confidently measure discharge in less time than ever.

The RiverSurveyor S5M9 is a river discharge measurement system without the traditional limitations. Small, portable and easy to use, the patented and awardwinning RiverSurveyor Sontek river surveyor manual muscle in extreme flood or SonTek RiverSurveyor Brochure Keywords: flow, discharge, velocity, meter, data SonTek RiverSurveyor S5M9 Brochure Author: SonTek a xylem brand flow measurement, Discharge measurement, measure discharge, River discharge data, Multifrequency, Shallow to deep, Flow data, Side looking, Velocity data, Water velocity, Flow data, Cheap flow meter, irrigation canal, stream, river, riversurveyor, compass calibration SonTekYSI Inc RiverSurveyor System Manual (May 1, 2007) v About This Manual Thank you for your interest in using a SonTek RiverSurveyor system.

Using SonTeks exclusive SmartPulseHD, multiple acoustic frequencies are fused with precise bandwidth control for the most robust and continuous shallowtodeep discharge measurements ever. Discharge Monitoring in a Tidally Affected River with the SonTekSL in Southern Malaysia; Manual configuration: Now you can set blanking RiverSurveyor Live Manual. Uploaded by sequeira60. Related Interests. Global Positioning System; Model: River Surveyor Product Name: River Surveyor S5; River Surveyor M9 60 RiverSurveyor S5M9 System Manual (March 2011) SonTek GPS Option: Confirms the current SonTek GPS application and provides the option to