Har tru maintenance manual

HarTru Court Maintenance HarTru brand clay courts can give years of great play. Understanding your courts maintenance needs will be key to your courts success.

3 1. 0 COURT EVALUATION Evaluate tennis court conditions in terms of preventive maintenance. Identify and correct potential problems before playing season begins. HarTru Courts Maintenance Manual MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Daily MaintenanceDaily maintenance of HarTru courts is a threestep process: brush, water and roll, in that order.

Each process is explained below. Yearly MaintenanceBesides daily maintenance, HarTru courts must be reconditioned each spring prior to play. Our maintenance manuel provides detailed instructions for keeping your HarTru court in optimal condition. Download our HarTru Maintenance Manual Recent Projects Hydrocourt Maintenance Manual Har Tru Tennis court maintenance har tru, maintenance for clay tennis courts periodic, annual, daily, equipment and instructions for caring for your court with har tru.

Indoor HarTru. Maintenance Manual 2 Table of Contents 1. 0 Introduction 3 2. 0 The Issues 3 A. Surface Compaction 3 B. Irrigation 4 HarTru Maintenance Guide (subsurface irrigated HydroCourt) (subsurface irrigated HarTru courts HydroCourts, Hydro Grids, CalCap) Daily Maintenance Expert Maintenance, Irrigation, and Installation Advice from the Industry Leading Tennis Experts at HarTru. Maintenance for Clay Tennis Courts Periodic, Annual, Daily, Equipment and Instructions for Caring for Your Court with HarTru.