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AnalyticsShop offers the whole range of Agilent HPLC columns: Material: Zorbax, StableBond, Extend, Poroshell, Polaris, Pursuit, ChromSpher, HPLC Column Zorbax Eclipse Plus C18, 3.

0 x 150 mm, 3. 5m Zorbax Eclipse XDB (130) Zorbax PrepHT (61) Syringes for Manual HPLC Valves; Hamilton Manual Valves; Inline Check Valves; Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs) ZORBAX Eclipse XDB; Four selectivity choices for method development optimization; ZORBAX Eclipse XDBC18, 4. 6mm, 1. 8um 3pk. UHPLC guard column 551. 00. ZORBAX Eclipse XDB HPLC Columns The First Choice for Developing Better HPLC Methods Technical Overview More and more chromatographers are ZORBAX Eclipse XDBC18 4.

6 150 mm, 5 m (pn ) Figure 1 Good Peak Shape for Acids, Bases and Neutrals at Low and Intermediate pH. Agilent ZORBAX Column Selection Guide for Analytical HPLC Resolution that Lasts ZORBAX Eclipse Plus ZORBAX ExtendC18 ZORBAX HILIC Plus. Normal Phase. ZORBAX NH2 ZORBAX Eclipse XDBCN ZORBAX CN ZORBAX RxSIL. Reversed Phase for Proteins& Peptides. ZORBAX 300StableBond Poroshell 300 ZORBAX 300ExtendC18 ZORBAX RRHD 300SBC18.

Home; Columns; Tools; Specialties. Product search; Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse Plus columns provide the ultimate in performance for silicabased columns. Peak shape is excellent for the most challenging basic compounds, improving efficiency and resolution with these sample types. ZORBAX Columns for Analytical HPLC ZORBAX Eclipse XDB HPLC Columns The Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse XDB columns C18, C8, and Phenyl are designed to provide good peak shape for basic, acidic, and neutral compounds over the pH range 29.

To ensure that your LC pump, manual injection valves, autosampler, and detectors work at maximum ZORBAX HPLC Columns The Agilent ZORBAX columns C8, C8, and Phenyl are designed to provide good peak shape for basic, acidic, and neutral compounds over the ph range The Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C18 packing is made by bonding a dense monolayer of (C18) stationary phase to special Eclipse Plus silica.

Eclipse Plus C18 is an excellent choice for method development because of its exceptional performance and peak shapes for acids, bases and neutrals.

Eclipse 4000 Elliptical Manual Treadmill TR3000i Folding Treadmill TR3000e Electric Folding Treadmill TR2000e Electric Folding.

manual, automatic, other. title status. clean, salvage, rebuilt, parts only, lien Apr 18 with a developing ZORBAX RRHT Eclipse XDBC18 column (5 Zorbax RxRxSil HPLC Columns from Agilent Technologies ZORBAX Rx columns are made from pure porous silica microspheres and are optimized for high throughput analysis.

RxC18 is recommended for alternate selectivity at low pH relative to Eclipse XDBC18 and StableBond SBC18. The leading brand name for Agilent is Zorbax. A number of other brand names are included.

Some columns are packed by Agilent some by Hichrom. The Zorbax product range is structured as follows: ZORBAX Eclipse XDB Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse XDB columns C18, C8, Phenyl and CN provide four bonded phase choices for method development optimization.

These columns provide good peak shape over a wide pH range (29) for additional method development flexibility with one family of