Sorvall ss-34 rotor manual

The Sorvall SS34 fixed angle rotor can hold up to 8place x 50 ml tubes at up to 20, 500 rpm and is for use within Sorvall floor model centrifuges. SS34 Fixed Angle Rotor Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC6 Plus Superspeed Centrifuge. Recommended for: Multiliter cell culture harvesting or the collection of cellfree growth media containing excreted products such as proteins, hormones and vitamins.

Videos. Sorvall SS34 rotor for RC5 series centrifuges, 8 x 50ml total capacity, and up to 20, 500 rpm& 50, 228 x g. Aluminum Rotor 8Place, 50 ml Tube Dimensions: 29 108 mm FixedAngle: 34 Maximum Speed: 20, 500 rpm K Factor: 714 Rotor Mass: 6. 8 kg Autoclava Thermo Scientific SS34 Rotor SS34 ROTOR SPECIFICATIONS Type Fixed Angle Material Aluminum SORVALL RC6 SORVALL Evolution SORVALL RC5 Rotor Extractor Instruction Manual Accessories: Description Cat.

No. Oring Buy ss34 prices, Review mpn: ss34 for sale Pont Ss34 Sorvall Rotor Du. Save big features eight place fixed angle Phone aluminum rotor, 30 mm wide tube slotscapacity eight x 50 mlmax speed, 20, 000 rpmdouble screw on lid secures to rotor and rotor drive condition used, excellent and guaranteed to work or return for refund shipping weight 20 lbs.

Dupont sorvall ss 34 centrifuge rotor list Sorvall SS34 Centrifuge Rotor. Eight Place, Fixed Angle w Lid Good Condition. See more like this Follow the instructions given in the rotor manual. The Sorvall ST40 40R is an invitro diagnostics device according to the InVitro Diagnostics Directive 9879EC. Several rotors with commercial tubes can be used. The set speed is reached in seconds. The Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC6 Plus iii P This manual is a guide for the use of Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC6 PlusTM Superspeed Follow the instructions in the rotor instruction manual.

Do not use corroded, scratched or cracked rotors, buckets and assemblies. Check that the Rotor Sorvall Thermo SS34 Suppliescatalogue (Bottles, tubes, adapters, orings, overspeeddisks, extraction tools, spacer, caps, plugs. rotorselection. The hematocrit value is determined using the instructions written in the instruction manual of the hematocrit rotor. The instructions are based upon the reference method following DIN, allowing to determinate the erythrocyte volume The information contained in this instruction manual is the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific; it is in the rotor manual.

Sorvall LYNX Instruction Manual Thermo Fisher Scientific INSTRUCTION MANUAL SORVALL SUPERSPEED ANGLE ROTORS GSA SE12 GS3 SM24 SA600 SS34 Du Pont Company Instrument Products Biomedical Division Newtown, Connecticut