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BendixKing KI 300 Replaces Legacy Attitude Indicators. While the KI 256 and its brethren King ki 256 manualidades engineering marvels, he said, overhaul prices are quite high (3, 000 to 5, 000), and aircraft Aug 09, 2011 I have a King KI256 backup attitude indicator that needs overhaul soon. Ive gotten quotes of anywhere between 2160 to 3560 for the overhaul not including removalreplacement.

Has anyone gotten their unit overhauled lately, who did they use and what was the turnaround time? Mine has 600 hours Mar 26, 2017 Flying home today my Flight Command Indicator was showing 10 degrees down. So we could not use altitude hold, even flying with out alt hold if I pressed the down button to keep the nose down it would not do anything.

Is it time to replace the KI 256 and KI 525A with an aspen? Find great deals on eBay for bendix king ki 256. Shop with confidence. At one time, BendixKing offered the KI254 (PN XX) as an electric alternative for the air driven KI256 flight director indicator. The KI254 was a 28 VDC unit only. The KI254 was manufacture red by Castleberry instruments for BendixKing.

ki 256 Flight Command Indicator used in BendixKing Flight Control Systems25, 062 MSRP Hello We use cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible.

My KI 256 Attitude indicator failed at 600 hours. Gyro won't go. Airflow to unit is good. Upon starting an engine, it moves a bit, but 5 psi is not enough to get it to spin up.

bendixking ki 525a page rh2 m07. ja rev 7, march2002 this page is reserved Forums: Maintenance& Avionics King KI 256 AH. Rob if you are doing this yourself you need a very good electronics engineer, with access to the maintenance manuals (those are not hard to find if you have contacts in low places).

This website is dedicated to the sport and commercial aviation industry. The BendixKing KI256 Flight Command Indicator is used in BendixKing KFC150 and KFC200 Flight Control Systems. Internally air driven Houses attitude gyro and presents pictorial display of aircraft pitch and roll attitudes BENDIX KING KY196A COM 8130 1, 395 FOR SALE PN: SN:. This is a 28V COMM Radio. It is the Silver Crown Plus version of the KY196A. It is the Silver Crown Plus version of the KY196A.