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Digivolution Chart A quick explanation: This page was designed to show the Digivolution options for every Digimon in Digimon World game for Playstation. Selecting a Digimon will cause its Digivolution options to appear, so you can figure out how to get to your dream Digimon, or even just what your options are if you end up with something new Jan 08, 2010 Pixiemon appears randomley before and after it's battle. Once defeated it will appear in the item shop beside the normal sales digimon and offer to sell an expensive training manual that increases the effectiveness of training when carried.

Oct 31, 2007 How does the training manual work? Do you just have to hold it, or do you have to feed it to your Digimon? I've noticed the Use option is lit up if you select it. Feb 08, 2012 Re: Digimon World: The key to ultimate digivolving? Oddly my Greymon weight is below 5g when it evolved to MetalGreymon (i believe it was supposed to be around 30g), maybe the weight requirement is just for the tiny Digimons (Mamemon, MetalMAmemon, Piximon, etc.

). The Training Manual from Piximon& the Hawk RadishSuper Carrot from Vegiemon will increase the boosts you get from training. So will getting good at the bonus slots minigame. If you're training at Green Gym, be sure to recruit both Kuwagamon& Digimon World walkthroughs on SuperCheats Digimon World The Basic Stuff. Close. Game Search; BRS AND DEF TRAINING MANUAL Buy from PIXIMON 50, 000 Bits BOOST FOR ALL DIGIPINE Anywhere FREE ALL BLACK TROUT Fishing FREE ALL 1 NOTE Any BOOST ITEM that youre DIGIMON has to eat in order Nov 20, 2008 allso go and check out these digimon worlds video go to these channls english walkthroughguide http: www.

youtube. com it appearance on the Vita, training is not hard and fun. Digimon World, Digimon World: Digital Card Battle Digimon that may join the city, and holding the Train Manual while training increases the effects. Digimon World 1 Use Training Manual For Digimon World on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled" What do Kabuterimon Manual 1 when Training Manual is in Inventory If you save to the memory card and load the game on v1.

1. the elusive training manual with just the manual and rosemon I Digimon World Walkthrough It takes about a day and hours for a Training Digimon to digivolve to a Rookie Digimon. To digivolve from a Rookie Digimon to Champion Digimon, it will take about 5 Jun 10, 2008 Just keep it with you. It will make your training more effective. D (i. e. you will get more status points per training hour) Btw, the effect doesn't stack, so don't get more than 1.

May 23, 2000 But its really not worth the cash, though. It only increases the gained stats by a few digits and thats it. I'd suggest Super Carrots, Hawk Radishes and Digipines instead.