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Power Factor Correction Regulator BLRCX 6 to 14 steps. page 2 10. 12 k CC AUTO 1 2 3 max. 1 2 3 max. 1 2 3 max. 1 2 3 max. actual power of step Percentage actual to nominal power MANUAL operation: Attention: In manual operation, automatic control is not active! Reactive power compensation units, are used in many companies to save money and to reduce current. To achieve this, there are special tasks for the control unit of compensation system, for BLRCX 6 to 14 steps. switching time delay is not working but capacitor discharge lock time is working.

12 k 1 2 3 max. actual power of step INFO i 99. g. 99 i 0. 99 i INFO 0. Documents Similar To Beluk Blrcx Apfc Manual. 9th and 10th Lecture. Uploaded by. Jalees. Bg. Uploaded by. Anonymous 7VPPkWS8O. 2reactive Power. 4 Manual operation Manual operation is possible with measuring voltage 50 V, excludingly, by alternating pushing either the or the Step limitation in accordance to the available outputs referring to type of relay CX 04, CX 06, CX 08 or CX 12.

Seite 3 von 8 USER MANUAL Power Factor Correction Regulator BLRCX 6 to 4 steps page 2 Installation: For installation, all valid standards and safety precautions have to The BLR CX controller is the latest in the BLR series, replacing the older BLRCA, CB and CC models. The descriptions that follow provide some details about the BLR CX (and also historic information on the older models for users who have these instruments installed now). Power factor correction system power QUALITY Installation, maintenance and commissioning manual.

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