Geonics protem manual transfer

Geonics data acquisition and processing software provides broad functionality for data management including the collection, transfer, positioning, editing and presentation of recorded data. PROTEM from Geonics. Recognition of these diverse requirements led GEONICS to develop the extremely flexible PROTEM time domain system. The digital, 3 channel receiver is used with any of the 3 TEM transmitters and choice of receiver coil to cover all applications.

Checklist for Data Storage and Transfer (PDF 249KB) Checklist for Field For Rent. Borehole Logging Geonics Protem GPS Mount Ramag VLF Software Trackmaker 31 TrackMaker 61 MKII White's DFX300 (which can be easily removed from the console for data transfer). Real Time (RT) graphical presentation of the data during collection is possible by connecting a computer directly to the RS232 output port Using TEM2IX1D to transfer data from Geonics PROTEM Files (Ver 1.

0) PDF Version: TUTORIALS. IXRefraX (say Eye Eks Refracts) Click on link to display tutorial, ShiftClick to open in new window. Right click to download PPS file (or PDF file): How Catalogue Geonics Vlf Em16. Uploaded by accmsat. Related Interests. Secure Digital; between Ex and Hy PROTEM TDEM systems.

BATTERY LIFE Up to 5 h continuous for MN1604. and utility software with programming for data transfer and management. 4 x 3. supported by temperature compensation circuitry. and 0. 5 kHz COMMUNICATIONS RS232C. USB Electromagnetic Geonics EM57 Geonics EM57 Transient EM System. Item#. Included: Protem Receiver, EM57 Transmitter, Lowfrequency coil, reference cable, data transfer cable, battery cables.

Note: Power source for the transmitter is not included. Requires 24 Convert to UTM data collected with Geonics EM38. Continuous readings collected with GPS can be convert to UTM and other XYZ formats (e. g.Surfer). DAT61MK2 is designed to process data collected by Geonics protem manual transfer EM61MK2 logger (Allegro computer). The program provides for the transfer of data files from the logger to a Personal Computer (PC).