Adana 8x5 manual meat

Instruction Manual for ADANA 8" x 5" AMOL1402 Each 9. 50 Booklet" Type& Typesetting" AMOL1403 Each 9. 50 Adana Product and Accessory List Each FOC Machine Parts 8x5& 5x3 models 8x5 Roller Bearer Plates AMOAM214 Pair 39.

00 8x5 Connecting Rod (2 per machine) AMOAM217 Each 15. 00 So combining the instructions from the Caslon and Adana manuals with some advice from Briar Press discussion board, plus some photos of the process, here are my instructions for packing the Adana 8x5 manual meat on the Adana 85.

As always, if there are any glaring errors or alternative advice please feel free to post a comment. Adana 8x5. I also My other half recently purchased an Adana but we are having trouble setting it up correctly. The previous owner replaced the rollers but then never used it.

AMOAM100 Ink Duct Assembly, for 8x5 model Reconditioned Each AMOAM202 5 x 3 Exterior Chase Each AMOAM203 5 x 3 Chase (also as 8x5 Interior Chase) Each AMOAM205 8 x 5 Chase Each AMOAM213 8 x 5 Main Frame Each AMOAM214 8 x 5 Roller Bearer Plates Pair Adana 8 x 5 Spare Parts Breakdown Hello all, Im a newbie to the Adana 8x5 but thought this the most appropriate category.

Im using a photopolymer plate and am finding the pressure of my machine so uneven. This operating manual has been reproduced from an original set of instructions. The ADANA EIGHTFIVE Printing Machine is the finest handplaten printing machine in the world. It will produce print of exceptionally high standard, and is used by printers, in industry, educational MANUAL adana model MOI 20 adana model MOI 25.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSEMBLY 3 Clean the protective film from the ink disc and rollers using lighter fuel or white spirit.

4 Fit the ink disc to the ma chine. Check that the ratchet striker engages with the teeth in the underside of the disc. Find great deals on eBay for adana 8 x 5. Shop with confidence.