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1907 ImageFosdick Machine Tool Co.3 ft Arm Radial Drill Modern American Machine Tools 1907 pg 176 1914 portrait Philip C. Fosdick Cincinnati, The Queen City: Newspaper Reference Book Jun 05, 2011 The feed of. 033 per rev per 1" drill diameter is twice the more normal. 001 per 116 of drill diameter (or. 016 per 1" of diameter).

The end result of productivity is still the same. I had to look up the thrust to get a feel for what that drill was doing. Aug 12, 2016  He was using the portable radial arm drill with the spindle horizontal about 24" 30" from the ground when he got too close and was ravelled up by the spindle.

The drill whirled him around in mid air. When he made contact with the" JetBreak" probe the spindle stopped instantly and dropped him to Fosdick Hydraulic Radial Drill, Operators Instruction and Parts Lists Manual [Fosdick on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Industrial Machinery Manuals is Proud to Offer 1 Quality Bound Copy Of A: Fosdick Operators Instruct Hydraulic Radial Drill Manual This Manual Covers Models: 36 Spindle Speed This Manual Includes: Receiving Moving and Cleaning The larger engraving represents a 6 ft.

fulluniversal Fosdick radial which has been adapted for a variablespeed motor drive. The result is an exceedingly neat drive, inasmuch as the use of all cone pulleys and belts is entirely obviated; it not only greatly simplifies the construction and operation of the drill, but also adds greatly to its This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Fosdick Sensitive Radial Drill Instructions and Parts Manual for 3 and 4 drills.

This manual contains 6 pages of information on installation, operating instructions, lubrication, adjustments and controls. Fosdick Mfg. Co.appears to have been a fairly prolific maker of Radial Arm drills in the first half of the 20th Century. I've often seen gang drills with their name on it as well. I had radial arm drill about 12 years ago, called LeBlond and they gave the name and number of the dealer.

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