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PARAGUARD EXCEL RESCUE STRETCHER RESCUE EQUIPMENT MARINE SAFETY 1 OVERVIEW 2 FEATURES 3 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 4 Minto Place, Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB12 3SN www. lhrmarine. com [email protected] com The Cascade Rescue PadStretcher combines the insulation and antishock value of a closedcell ethafoam pad with the convenience of handles for easy transfer of patient to and from toboggan or litter. Welcome to Paraguard Rescue Stretcher.

If youre looking for an excellent allround proven search and rescue stretcher, the Paraguard Excel is without equal. Compact and easy to use, with a design thats perfect for both horizontal and vertical lifting, its little wonder that the design has won the approval of worldwide authorities Paraguard Slot In Carry Handles. The slotin carry handles enable rescuers at the foot and head end of the stretcher to carry the stretcher away from their bodies for an easier and more ergonomical carry.

The Paraguard Stretcher is a compact and versatile rescue stretcher, designed for a variety of emergencies. It is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue casualties from building collapse, industrial incidents or confined spaces.

Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher Ferno. You can view the data sheet by clicking here. (opens in a new window) Product Information: Designed For a Variety of Rescues, the Paraguard Excel Is a Compact and Versatile Rescue Stretcher; Products Emergency and Rescue Rescue Stretchers Portable Stretchers Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher Product Name: Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher Ferno Product Code: FWE1411 The Paraguard Stretcher is NATO approved (NATO ).

The Paraguard Stretcher has a fine reputation being used widely throughout the Oil and Gas, Maritime, Construction and Mining Industries. It is used commomly by Search and Rescue operations around the world and due to its vertical hoist capability is equally successful for confined space rescue.

Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher FERNOMAN UK 3 Section 1 Introduction PREFACE This manual has been Paragard rescue stretcher manual tire to provide general instructions for proper usage and maintenance of the Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher.

Perfect for use underground, in confined spaces and high buildings. The approved design of worldwide authorities, including NATO, this compact and versatile stretcher can be used for both horizontal and vertical lifting making it ideal for search and rescue operations involving building collapse, industrial incidents or confined spaces.

Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher. In use since WWII Paragard medical stretchers are approved for use by many authorities including NATO. The Paraguard Stretcher is quick and simple to use with various straps to secure the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs. The head is held in place by a 3point, nonslip forehead strap. All you need to know to use a paraguard stretcher properly. At all times you should follow decent lifting procedures as stated in the current manual handling guidelines and your correct training manual.

Medical advice is outside of the factors listed in the manual. This Rescue Paraguard Stretcher should be stowed away in a well