Box2d javascript reference manual

Box2D is an open source 2D physics engine for games. Here is the user manual. Please also read the FAQ. The distribution includes the user manual and an API document.

The Box2D manual will suggest a 60Hz time step, which is 160 seconds. The velocity phase" computes the impulses necessary for the bodies to move correctly. " Box2D will suggest a velocity iteration count of 8, but you can change this depending on your needs. Package Description; Box2D. Collision: Contains classes handling detecting collisions.

Contains shape classes and corresponding definitions. Box2D& JavaScript tutorials by Seth Ladd Google developer advocate Seth Ladd has quietly but consistently been producing an excellent series of articles on his blog about a JavaScript port of Box2D, the physics engine used in Angry Birds.

I don't think JBox2D has been updated to use the new Box2D 2. 1. syntax, so to get at the documentation download for C and then read the manual and the api. chm. There are a few different ports of Box2D for JavaScript. Which one is the best? Box2DJS" converted from Box2DFlashAS. 1 in an automatic manner" Box2Dflash 2. 0 ported to JavaScript" one Welcome back to another installment of Box2D for the JavaScript programmer.

You can see the reference to bPolygonShape which is a hint that Box2D can simulate other types of polygons. The manual will tell you that the vertices must be specified in CCW, or counterclockwise, order for" right handed coordinate systems.

" In this manual I'll assume you are familiar with basic physics concepts, such as mass, force, torque, and This manual covers the majority of the Box2D API. However, not every aspect is covered.

You are Box2D does not keep a reference to the shape. It clones the data into a new b2Shape object.