Casley-smith method manual lymphatic drainage

He established the medical effects, indications and contraindications of Vodders method MLD (manual lymph drainage). After years of medical and lab research, both physicians Michael Foldi and his wife Ethel Foldi combined the lymph drainage method of Dr. Vodder with other therapies. This study utilized manual lymph drainage techniques from the Vodder method, which aims to increase the effectiveness of lymphatic pumps by moving andor stretching the skin using high pressure (working phase) and zero pressure (resting phase).

Judiths method of manual lymph drainage drew on her intimate knowledge of the microanatomy of the lymphatic system and Kubiks concept of lymphotomes, but used very simple strokes so that patients or family members could learn to do selfMLD.

MLDUK believes that to ensure that the highest standards of Manual Lymphatic Drainage are maintained, practice should be confined to those who have undertaken, or who are undertaking, training through the Vodder, Leduc, Fldi and CasleySmith schools or their accredited teachers. The elements of CDT are: diagnosis, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), multilayered compression bandaging, compression garments, therapeutic exercises, and selfcare.

Adjuncts to CDT often include use of pneumatic pumps that substitute for MLD, Kinesio tape applied to the skin so it channels lymph to reduce swelling, and aquatic therapy.

Again, the term" manual lymphatic drainage" (MLD) is copyrighted in the United States and refers to the original Vodder method. 2 Therefore, we refer to" special massage" for the treatment of lymphedema. Fldi has introduced the term manual lymphatic therapy (MLT) for this part of CPT.

What is the CasleySmith method of treatment? The method of decongestive lymphatic therapy to treat lymphoedema which Judith and John taught, have similar components to the protocol of Complete Decongestive Therapy developed by their colleagues Michael and Ethel Foeldi, in Germany.

This video was designed primarily to assist Casley Smith Manual Lymphatic Drainage. the Casley Smith method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and may assist others. CASLEYSMITH METHOD MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Plus MULTILAYER LYMPHOEDMA BANDAGING COBAN 2 LYMPHOEDEMA BANDAGING St Giles Hospice Lymphoedema Clinic is now offering. John CasleySmith died in 1997; Judith CasleySmith resides in Adelaide, Australia.

Training in the CasleySmith method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy (which is comparable to the European protocol of Complete Decongestive Therapy) is available in the United States. Casley Smith Method The Casely Smith Method for the management of lymphoedema is similar to other treatment protocols developed for this condition. It also employs lymphatic drainage, compression, skin care, exercises and self care. Manual Lymphatic Drainage [MLD is an unique, gentle type of skin massage technique that promotes lymph to drain out of a limb into an area that drains normally.

It is mainly used for lymphoedema. In addition to improving lymphatic circulation, MLD also increases blood flow in deep and superficial veins. Treatment for Lymphedema of the ArmThe CasleySmith Method A Noninvasive Method Produces Continued Reduction Judith R. CasleySmith, Ph. D.manual lymphatic drainage, compression in the form of bandaging andor garments, and exercise.

Treatment for lymphedema of the armThe CasleySmith method