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How do I open the case and service the pumps? GE HealthcareAKTA Purifier Questions and Answers on LabWrench repair info for P900 pump module for AKTA purifier GE HealthcareAKTA Purifier Questions and Answers on LabWrench a m e r s h a m b io s c ie n e a m ers ha m bios cien ce am ers ham b ios cn a m e r s h a m b io sc e n c e KTA system Training Guide Purifier 100 10 KTA system Training Guide Explorer 100 10.

KTAexplorer am ers ha m bio scie Akta pump p 900 manuals am er sham bio ci n a m e r s h a m PUMP P900 Acid Alkali Buffer Salt Water Proportion Valve Pump A Mixer A2 A1 B2 B1 Pump B Manual Flowpath A1 or A2 BufferValveA Manual Flowpath B1 or B2 BufferValveB Pump A Pump B Enter Here Main System: Box900, UPC900 Monitor, P900 Pump, CU950 Interface 1Watch 100's of regional channels.

mounted on a FPLC system KTA Purifier 100 (GE Healthcare, Uppsala, Sweden) equipped with P900 pumps and a UVconductivity detector UPC900. View and Download Amersham UPC900 user manual online. UPC900 Monitor pdf manual download. No related manuals Summary of Contents for Amersham UPC900 PC and a termination plug. The UniNet 1 link connects, in series, the PC with Pump P920, Monitor UPC900 and the Frac900. The termination plug is connected to the last module in the chain.

Pump P920 is designed to work with a wide range of columns and gels supplied by Amersham Biosciences Monitor UPC900 Monitor UPC900 is a high precision on Monitor UPC900 and Pump P900 can be set to show their current status.

50 Tc 22. 8 KTApurifier UPC: The main operating menu 1 of Monitor UPC900 shows the absorbance value with 6 digits for the selected wavelength. 5B Run End Pause Hold 1[215 1. with date. 0 12. 2 The system and the software 2. 1 General 12 Monitor UPC900 Pump P900 Colum KTApurifier Getting Started Edition AA Pump P900 and Monitor UPC900 can also be controlled individually from the modules, without UNICORN software.