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Titles: Beechcraft C45 No's 1 to 4 The Beech Model 18 first flew in 1937 and was a much more modern design than the earlier Model 17 Staggerwing.

At a time when there were a number of twinengined light commercial aircraft under development, the Model 18 went on to achieve considerable success. It remained in production for 32 years, and Beechcraft C45G Expeditor aircraft photos, specifications and performance data. The United States Air Force Strategic Air Command had Beechcraft Model 18 (AT11 Kansans, C45 Expeditors, F2 Expeditors (the" F" standing for" Fotorecon" ), and UC45 Expeditors from 1946 until 1951.

From 1951 to 1955 the USAF had many of its aircraft Beech C45H Expeditor. Interested in this image? Interested in this image? Interested in this image? About; Specs" Iron Annie" Nicknamed" Iron Annie" and" The Bandaid Bomber, " the C45 evacuated over 1, 150 people from remote areas in Oregon and northern California to city hospitals for medical care.

This plane also flew missions to The giant scale Beech D18C45 plan set is 15 scale and consists of four large sheets that clearly illustrate all structure as well as showing installation of flaps and retracts. The D18C45 plan shows the installation of Robart retracts, fixed wir Hawker and Beechcraft technical publications help and frequently asked questions information. Create Account Global Customer Support Technical Publications: HelpFAQ Cart (0 Items) My Pubs Account 3 etc.

until another reissue and then it becomes a 'C Hawker manuals Revision numbers are used whether the manual Full source for Hawker and Beechcraft technical publications and safety information.

ized Beechcraft Sales and Service Outlets have all the from your airplan e. I I I t. (, b. 9 on 37 gallon main tank system 4. On Models K35, M35, 33, and A33 Owners Manuals, reduce range by an additional 190 'statutemiles to 'account for climb and 45 minutes ations plus limited a croba ti c maneuver s (Section III).

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85 Description: USAF Series (Beechcraft) C45H Flight Handbook T. O. 1C45H1 (formerly AN 0190CDC1) revised 15 March (30 August) 1956