Unertl scope instruction manual

You may recognize this scope from the tower scene at the end of Saving Private Ryan, where the sniper uses the incorrectly mounted Unertl to take his last shots. Classic Unertl Scopes Unertl scopes from the 1950s and 60s era were probably the prominent target scope made in that era.

They would produce target scopes from the 8 power to 24 powers, and I considered them a Continued Feb 07, 2013 Here are the manuals: Not sure where the atttachment went. To the OP, unertl 10x usmc sniper scope, unertl usmc scope for sale, unertl usmc sniper scope for sale, us optics usmc, us optics usmc scope, usmc sniper scope for sale, usmc unertl10x sniper scope manual, uso b17 at snipers hide forums, Genuine Orginial Unertl Owner's Manual on Unertl Target and Rifle Scopes J.

Unertl Co. Product J. Unertl Optical Company Manual: " Focusing and Use Instructions and General Information" for Unertl Rifle Telescopes. This is orginial Owner's Manual supplied with Unertl Scopes. approved and authorized by Unertl.

Oct 24, 2014 i traded for a unertl bvrifle scope. i need a factory instruction manual for it. (it needs to be dissassembled to install a spring. other unertl scope Mar 18, 2012 I just picked up a Unertl Ultra Varmint 15x scope with metered head.

What are some tips and tricks to adjusting and maintaining Unertl scope instruction manual Unertl to keep it in tip top shape? It needs a little cleaning and the metered head gets tight when trying to focus Unertl scope instruction manual to 50ft. It comes close to the line, but gets tight and I'm afraid to force it. Also, it has a dotany idea on the size? Aug 15, 2018 I don't have any instructions. I have several Unertl. Maybe I can help. I have the six page Unertl instruction manual for adjusting the scope for range parallax, etc.

But, I think Unertl also published a chart that told you depending on the spacing of the mounting blocks how it effected the point of impact, etc. Spacing Chart Unertl Scope Blocks Reply# 14 Find great deals on eBay for unertl scope manual. Shop with confidence. J Unertl Scope Manuals This is an original unertl usmc sniper scope with serial number 2225. it is in excellent, unissued condition. includes the original carrying case I need some help please with a 10 power Unertl scope with fine cross hairs.

I am having trouble adjusting the cross hairs so they are sharp and clear. I seem to get close but the cross hairs seem to have a shadow or a ghosted image.

I also having a problem with a clear image of the target at 100 yards. Try this site for Unertl scopes, it Feb 28, 2014 Hello allI have a passed down rifle with a Unertl scope and would like to know where I could find the directions on how to make adjustments and Searching for a Cost Effective BPCR Scope Solution. TexasMac's Web Site. Back to Articles Page: Also included are an 8page instruction manual and a cheap, small square piece of felt cloth to clean lenses.

2) The scope, end caps, mounts and scope blocks were covered with SEARCHING FOR A COST EFFECTIVE BPCR SCOPE SOLUTION