Daikin ururu sarara manualidades

Oct 14, 2014 View the installation video of the Daikin Online Controller for Ururu Sarara FTXZN With the Daikin Online Controller application in combination with the plu Sarara dehumidification Humidity can make a room feel hotter than it actually is. The Ururu Sarara's smart dehumidification system automatically removes excess moisture, while constantly maintaining your desired temperature. With the Ururu Sarara, Daikin has reimagined what is possible with home air conditioning.

We are proud to introduce our most intelligent, most efficient and most complete system. Humidification Dehumidification Ventilation with fresh air intake Heatingcooling Air purification Daikin's Ururu Sarara series of air conditioners is the first in the world to offer humidifying and drying functions for humidity control along with fresh air supply ventilation.

2017: URURU SARARA Wall Mounted Split System (with R32 refrigerant) FTXZNV1B RXZNV1B Daikins Ururu Sarara split heat pump unit, with its unique system, can heat and cool, humidify and dehumidify, ventilate and purify the indoor air all at dry air (Sarara Drying Operation, also called reheating humidification).

This feature prevents overcooling, which is particularly appreciated by people who are sensitive to cold. If the indoor temperature becomes too high, Ururu Sarara reduces the humidity level by reducing also temperature (cooling dehumidification).